By CELA on 20 Jun, 2023

The Federal Government has released its draft Strategy for the Care and Support Economy for public consultation. 

This strategy outlines how paid care and support should work across the aged care, disability support, veterans’ care and early childhood education and care sectors.

It includes:

  • putting people at the centre of care and support
  • attracting and retaining staff by offering appropriate pay and conditions with opportunities for career progression
  • reducing the complexity of care and support systems.

Why it matters

Australia’s economy has undergone a major shift in the past fifty years. Much of the vital caring work used to be done in the home, largely by women and usually without pay. Formal early childhood education and care services have grown exponentially as more women entered the workforce. 

Australia needs a steady pipeline of people who see early education and care as a career of choice. This means we need wages and conditions that support a professionally paid, highly trained early education and care workforce.

We also know that piecemeal funding and an overheated property market has meant communities often miss out on quality affordable education and care services. Community and not for profit services have filled service gaps, particularly in regional and remote areas. However, this is not sustainable.

CELA's invovlement on behalf of members

CELA has been advocating for a coordinated approach for community-led early education and care services, with ongoing funding for infrastructure and governance support. We have provided input to the development of this strategy from the outset, through the Senate Committee into Work and Care and the Federal Government’s Care and Support Roundtable.

Our contribution has focused on getting the policy settings right for smaller providers and their workforce in the early education and care sector.

What the government is saying

The growth of the care and support economy is a big opportunity for Australia—a chance to improve the quality of life of millions of Australians and to create hundreds of thousands of essential jobs. But none of this will just happen on its own. We need a plan to get there.

Prime Minister Albanese—28 May 2023

What’s next?

CELA will continue to provide input to the draft Strategy for the Care and Support Economy on behalf of its members. 


Consultation closes on Monday 26 June 2023.

About CELA

Community Early Learning Australia is a not for profit organisation with a focus on amplifying the value of early learning for every child across Australia - representing our members and uniting our sector as a force for quality education and care.

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