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By CELA 28 Jun, 2022

Workforce challenges: three member case studies

Our recent Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce Survey Pulse Check confirms what we have been hearing anecdotally through member calls and emails, that our workforce is in crisis, and that there are a number of factors exacerbating this. 

To further inform our advocacy, a number of our members have provided detailed information about their individual workforce challenges in order to further shine a light on what needs to be done, and how that changes depending on factors such as service type and location.  

Here we provide a brief summary of three of those case studies. Further details will be provided in an upcoming edition of Broadside. 

By CELA 27 Jun, 2022

What needs to be implemented now to help solve our workforce issues

We are incredibly excited about what recent announcements could mean for the future of our sector and for Australia’s children. However, if we don't start addressing the workforce challenges our sector is facing immediately, we run the risk of failing to meet the policy objectives of the historic early childhood education and care reforms.

“In order to secure the success of these new reforms, it’s vital that retention and recruitment strategies are implemented,” says Michele Carnegie, CELA CEO. “There are many and varied reasons that our workforce is in crisis, and while remuneration is one factor, there needs to be a broad range of strategies applied to start fixing the underlying causes now.” 

Read on to find out what our recent workforce survey revealed about the key issues being faced by our members and the urgent solutions we are advocating.

By CELA 21 Jun, 2022

New South Wales Government’s historic early childhood education investment

Over the past week, the New South Wales Government has announced a transformational early childhood education and care agenda. This includes funding of over $12 billion to implement a range of initiatives between now and 2030.

CELA CEO Michele Caregie shares more details about the annoucements, how the policy aligns with our advocay, plus our next steps to ensure the community sector can harness these opportunities. 

By CELA 17 Jun, 2022

What Minister Sarah Mitchell told us about this week's sector announcements

This week the NSW Government announced a series of landmark initiatives for our sector, including a year of universal pre-kindergarten for all children by 2030.  

Yesterday we spoke to Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell to find out how the initiatives came about, what they mean for the community sector, and what plans are in place to help solve the workforce crisis.  

By CELA 14 Jun, 2022

$1.4 billion to ensure affordable preschool for all families in NSW and $376.5 million investment announced with Brighter Beginnings for NSW child development

Dominic Perrottet, Sarah Mitchell and Matt Kean have announced an investment of more than $1.4 billion over four years for the 2022-23 NSW Budget to ensure affordable preschool for all families. Plus, Dominic Perrottet, Sarah Mitchell, Matt Kean, Brad Hazzard, Victor Dominello, Natasha Mclaren-Jones have announced $376.5 million investment over four years in child development and family support as part of the 2022-23 NSW Budget.

By Rachel Foulstone and Elizabeth Akee 10 Jun, 2022

How we embedded local Indigenous cultural perspectives into our OSHC

Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the curriculum is an important goal for many early years and OSHC services. Still, it can be challenging to know where to start.  

Elizabeth Akee and Rachel Foulstone of PCYC Barkly Hwy OSHC in Mount Isa Queensland share how they created a 12-month plan to embed local Indigenous perspectives into their program with input from cultural advisor Aunty Ros Von Senden.

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