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By CELA 15 Mar, 2021

How we can really make a difference this Harmony Week

Journalist Adeline Teoh delves into the challenges we face as a country as we move into Harmony Week, and investigates ideas and resources we can share with young children in order to help move our country forward as a place where ‘everyone belongs’.

By CELA 12 Mar, 2021

How we made our Exceeding Themes present on assessment day

Sutherland Activity Centre Director Carena Hawkins (who celebrates 20 years at the service this week) shares learnings from opting into the NSW Department of Education’s online self-assessment process, along with the centre’s recipe for success.

By CELA 5 Mar, 2021

Solving the workforce crisis requires national action

Growing and nurturing a quality ECEC workforce is crucial if we want all Australian children to be able to access quality early learning. Consultations on the National Workforce Strategy are imminent, so the time is right to consider how we can enable our sector to attract, develop and retain a quality workforce.

By CELA 5 Mar, 2021

Dealing effectively with complaints in ECEC

Working with children and families often means that we are juggling competing demands and expectations, and sometimes this also requires us to deal with complaints when expectations haven’t been met, or when unexpected situations have occurred.

By Karla Wintle 1 Mar, 2021

A reflection on the ethics of group time, a pedagogical dilemma?

How do you feel about group time? Do you see it as a negative concept that takes away from a child’s autonomy and right to play, or a positive time for collaboration, connections and transition? Perhaps, like many aspects of early childhood education, it’s all about how we approach it.

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