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By Deborah Hoger 28 Mar, 2024

Embedding First Nations perspectives throughout the year

The early education calendar is filled with special dates, from Clean Up Australia Day to Science Week to NAIDOC week, offering opportunities to incorporate First Nations perspectives and enhance cultural understanding. 

Early education Indigenous resource specialist Deborah Hoger shares why this is important, and gives practical examples for including First Nations perspectives during five dates on the early childhood calendar.

By Sonja Arndt 28 Mar, 2024

Constructing a framework for early childhood teachers’ cultural well-being

Curriculum guidelines in Australia and New Zealand are urging teachers to nurture and develop young children's cultural identities. Meanwhile, many teachers are wondering who is nurturing their own cultural identity. 

Associate Professor Sonja Arndt writes about her pilot project investigating teacher's cultural identities, and extends an invitation to teachers based in Sydney to participate in the comprehensive research study.

By CELA 27 Mar, 2024

8 ways CELA can support your community managed service

CELA has been the champion for community managed, not for profit preschools for over 46 years. We exist to support you and we wouldn’t be here without you. Here are 8 ways CELA can help your service to provide quality early education and care.

By CELA 22 Mar, 2024

10 key inclusion takeaways from our Elevate 2024 conference

Last week we hosted our annual Elevate one-day conference with a theme of Celebrating being: Nurturing children’s authentic selves.  

In this article, you'll find 10 key tips and insights from our eight amazing speakers, along with links to more resources to guide you along your inclusion journey. 

By CELA 15 Mar, 2024

Dealing with a micromanager

Learn about the psychology behind micromanagement and the impact it can have on educators.

Includes tips for team members on effectively confronting micromanagement with their supervisors and guides managers on eradicating micromanagement to promote a healthier workplace culture.

By Meg Anastasi 7 Mar, 2024

Movement leading learning

ECT Meg Anastasi discusses the significance of movement for children's learning according to research and suggests methods for educators to boost learning and development by promoting incidental movement.

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