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By CELA 27 May, 2019

Taking a chance on risky play – part one

Linda’s ready access to a beautiful river is just one part of her natural play philosophy. When children enrol in Linda’s service the families know they are in for a full experience of the outdoors

By CELA 27 May, 2019

I screen, you screen

We open Beth Sebesfi’s story about screens today with a reminder of the recently updated World Health Organisation guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep, for children up to five years old. 

By CELA 20 May, 2019

Where to now?

The re-election of the previous government means working with a known quantity – but how well do you know what the Morrison government has in mind for early childhood education? And what does that mean for advocates of high quality care for children, professional wages and conditions for educators, national consistency and an independent authority to oversee it all? CELA CEO Michele Carnegie shares her appraisal of #election2019 and a new Simple Guide to the outcomes for the sector.

By CELA 15 May, 2019

Be Informed

Is voting enjoying a zeitgeist moment in Australia this year? And what might that mean for you? We’re here to help you be informed about Federal election 2019 in the easiest possible way, including an all new Simple Guide to the ECE policies.

By CELA 15 May, 2019

Why this election matters for early learning

Amplify presents a final summary of the major party ECEC policy platforms ahead of the Federal election on Saturday May 18. The commentary in this article was prepared by CELA CEO Michele Carnegie and CELA Policy and Research Consultant, Megan O’Connell.

We’ve also drawn from our recent coverage as well as the campaign at Eary Learning, Everyone Benefits, to create a CELA Simple Guide to help you navigate the big policy comparisons in this very important poll.

By Michele Carnegie and Megan O’Connell

By CELA 8 May, 2019

National Early Childhood Election Forum

The forum held in Melbourne last week was sponsored by some of the partners behind Early Learning: Everyone Benefits – CELA, ECA-Victoria, ELAA, Goodstart, CELA, KU Children’s Services, and Playgroups Australia. CELA CEO Michele Carnegie and Research Adviser Megan O’Connell attended the event.

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