By CELA on 24 May, 2023

Access better pay for early childhood teachers and educators at your service 

CELA has been at the forefront of advocating for improved wages and conditions. We know that workforce shortages increase management and staff workload, and that low pay significantly affects our members' ability to recruit and retain staff. 

New laws will make it possible to improve wages and conditions from June  

Last year new laws were passed to make it easier for government funded sectors like early childhood education and care to make agreements together to improve wages and conditions.  

But most importantly, for the first time, these laws mean the government can also be brought to the table to take part in negotiations. The ECEC sector will have the chance to secure funding from government for improved wages and conditions.

These laws will come into effect next month, and ECEC services across the country will be invited to join the first ever national multi-employer agreement. This process aims to set a new standard for wages and conditions in the sector, with funding provided by government. It is vital that community and small providers have a strong voice in this historic process.  

Be part of the process and ensure that your voice is heard  

For CELA to be able to represent you at the bargaining table, we need members to volunteer to be part of this new process. Any service that provides Long Day Care that does not have a current enterprise agreement (one that has not passed its expiry date) is eligible to participate.   

Eligible members who participate in this first stage will receive initial representation and administrative services from CELA at no cost.  Services joining the process after this initial stage will be charged a service fee.


Expressions of interest to be represented by CELA at no cost close 29 May, 2023

To be part of this exciting opportunity, send us your expression of interest by no later than Monday 29 May 2023 via email to  

Members who send an expression of interest will promptly receive more information about the process.  

We look forward working with you to deliver on this historic opportunity to support our crucial ECEC workforce.  

About CELA

Community Early Learning Australia is a not for profit organisation with a focus on amplifying the value of early learning for every child across Australia - representing our members and uniting our sector as a force for quality education and care.

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