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By CELA 27 Nov, 2019

Survive and thrive throughout the season

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that every December will bring at least one Australian newspaper headline claiming an early learning service has ‘banned’ Santa Claus or ‘cancelled’ Christmas.

We explore FAQs based on questions about whether Christmas celebrations are inclusive and share critical reflection questions that can help you form a better understanding of your approach to Christmas and its alignment to the NQS.

By CELA 14 Nov, 2019

Exciting Recycling and other Rs PART 2 – children engage Qantas CEO to reduce waste

What do plastic lids, bees wax and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce have in common? They were all involved in waste reduction initiatives driven by young children and their educators.

Last week was Recycling Week. We profiled the first of a number of services that have have engaged children, their families and the broader community in sustainability projects. This week we share two more examples, including a group of children who inspired Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to implement a coffee cup waste reduction plan at Qantas headquarters in Sydney.

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