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By CELA 26 Jun, 2020

A simple guide to fraud in education services

It’s an ugly thought to imagine that someone you trust is stealing from your organisation, perhaps directly from the families and children. Even so, it isn't uncommon in Australia for a court hearing to be held for fraud in an early learning or school setting.

By CELA 20 Oct, 2017

Australia’s education report card at a glance

You loved the NQF Changes at a Glance so much, we’ve turned our graphics eye to another important document released this year, the Early Learning Everyone Benefits report on the state of early learning in Australia in 2017.

By CELA 12 Oct, 2017

Storytelling in the natural world

You’ve heard people say food tastes better outdoors? Well stories sound better outside too! Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson of Heart to Heart Storytelling returns to Amplify as a guest writer this week to share the experiences she and her husband and fellow-storyteller Ulf Nilsson enjoy when they tell tales to children in nature and about nature – a wonderful way to engage young people in caring for their world.

By CELA 5 Oct, 2017

‘Hold them back’ bias against gifted children

Australia’s tall poppy syndrome starts early, says Dr Mimi Wellisch, with the nation overlooking potential future Einsteins in the population even before school-age – holding back children in an attempt to make them fit in socially.

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