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By CELA 25 Oct, 2019

We can make a difference in children's mental wellbeing

The early years are a crucial time when children’s brains are developing the architecture to understand and manage their emotions, and how adults respond to them can either help or hinder their emotional development and mental well-being.

As part of Mental Health Month, Amplify! reviews some of the best regarded experts and most helpful resources for educators on supporting resilience and mental wellbeing in children.

By CELA 18 Oct, 2019

Children's Week - ensuring children's right to be healthy

We all love to celebrate Children’s Week, after all supporting children’s happiness and wellbeing and helping them to thrive is the foundation of quality early childhood education.

This year’s theme looks straightforward, but it actually contains many layers which we unpack with the help of the National Children’s Commissioner.

By CELA 17 Oct, 2019

The solution is clear: Family Matters 2019 report

CELA covers the key points raised in the annual Family Matters Report for 2019, which focuses on ways to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia’s child protection systems.

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