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By CELA 20 Oct, 2022

Focus on ethics: Should nappy changing facilities be included in preschools?

Historically, nappy change facilities haven’t been included in every preschool service. However, history isn’t always the best determinant of how we should do things now and into the future.

As part of CELA’s consultancy work, we often come across early education and care services that cater to the 3+ age group that do not include nappy change facilities. This includes both newly built services and renovations of existing services.

In this week’s Amplify! we explore the legal and ethical implications of not including nappy change facilities to help services make informed decisions in line with current practice.

By CELA 14 Oct, 2022

The benefits of expanding our notion of risky play

Risk-taking is an important ingredient in the optimal early childhood recipe, but we need to expand our definition of risky play to encompass more than climbing trees and knocking nails in with hammers.  

Risky play also involves taking emotional risks, delving into unfamiliar situations and facing social challenges that build emotional resilience. We explore the benefits of all types of risky play, how we can change our mindset around risky play, and how we can support children to take appropriate risks.  

By Niki Ficsor 7 Oct, 2022

How we engaged our local community during Child Protection Week

Inspired by the Child Safe Standards and the Child Protection Week 2022 theme of "Every child, in every community, needs a fair go", staff at Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre in Sydney's Concord West decided to explore opportunities for actively adovcating for child protection in their community. 

Niki Ficsor, Educational Leader and Preschool Room Leader, discusses how they worked with the children to develop a community engagement and information campaign.

By CELA 4 Oct, 2022

Implementing the Child Safe Standards at St Luke's Preschool Dapto

Many service directors are enthusiastic about implementing the Child Safe Standards but may be looking for tips on how to engage the entire team. 

Director of St Luke's Preschool Dapto Vikki Shaw shares how they have approached the implementation to date, and how they are thinking beyond the preschool staff to support the broader community. 

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