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By CELA 29 Sep, 2023

How educators can support friendships

Social and emotional learning is a vital part of children’s development. Children grow and thrive in the company of others. 

We explore why friendships are important and how educators can assist children to develop friendships. 

By CELA 29 Sep, 2023

Fair Work Commission agrees first step towards fair pay

Fair pay and conditions for early educators is one step closer, following a decision by the Fair Work Commission. The move will allow employer representatives and unions to negotiate under new multi-employer bargaining laws.

“Professional wages are the key to unlocking the potential of early education for children, families and our broader economy," said CELA CEO Michele Carnegie. 

By CELA 25 Sep, 2023

Why fostering intrinsic motivation is important in the early years

Intrinsic motivation is the drive to engage in an activity because it matters to us. It's an important factor in fostering children's involvement and success in learning. 

We speak with psychologist Sarah-Jayne Duryea about how we can tap into a child's intrinsic motivation through observations and attuned listening. 

By Eva, Aline and Michelle 4 Sep, 2023

National Child Protection Week: Where we start matters

This year National Child Protection Week will continue to champion the message “Every child in every community needs a fair go” while introducing the accompanying theme of “Where we start matters”.  

CELA child protection specialists Eva Bowers, Aline Majado and Michelle Urquhart explore the meaning of “Where we start matters” and give an overview of important things to remember as you play a vital role in keeping children safe. 

By Lisa Walker 1 Sep, 2023

The Voice: Diverse ECEC perspectives

Over the past few months, we've sought the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people concerning The Voice to Parliament Referendum, scheduled for 14 October.  

CELA's cultural consultant Lisa Walker posed four key questions to various First Nations early education sector professionals to help us gather diverse viewpoints. We believe it's important to share these views with fellow early educators as you form your stance on the referendum. Here are their insights, including narrative written by Lisa. 

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