By CELA 16 Feb, 2020

Respectful water play

There are many benefits to introducing water play both in connecting children to a natural element and opportunities for learning. 

The crucial question is, “How can early childhood services ensure that children have adequate access to water and make connections with the water cycle, whilst developing responsible habits surrounding water use and conservation?”

Amplify answers this question with advice from the experts.

By CELA 14 Feb, 2020

Best practice principles for supporting fussy eating in early childhood

Ensuring that every child in the room is eating well can be a daunting task. You may feel frustrated or even panicked when faced with a child who is refusing to eat or try a new food. Yet ‘fussy eating’ is a normal part of development. The way families and educators respond will influence how a child learns to eat in the long term.

If you’re on the front line of caring for ‘fussy eaters’, the NSW Health initiative Munch & Move offers some tips and best practice strategies to support you.

By CELA 11 Feb, 2020

Love makes a family – an inclusive practice project

A project celebrating family diversity at Explore and Develop Lilyfield came to be called ‘Love makes a family’ and has been part of the service program ever since. Find out what it involved and how the service engaged children and families. 

By CELA 11 Feb, 2020

International Mother Language Day – Saving Indigenous languages

Early Childhood Educators can play a key role in keeping Australia’s indigenous languages alive and supporting bilingual early learning. In this week’s Amplify! We speak with Annalee Pope, project officer with First Languages Australia, about how indigenous languages are being revived by local communities, and share what early educators can do to help.

By CELA 4 Feb, 2020

6 red flags that may help you to save a life

How do you know when to seek medical help for a baby or young child? Sarah Hunsted, registered nurse and founder of CPR Kids, tells us five red flags that can indicate that a child is unwell and needs medical help.

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