By CELA 20 Aug, 2018

Panoptica: workplace cameras

A new writer for Amplify, Ruth Harper, this week shares her view about the growing number of services with closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) to monitor activity inside the service during the day, not just for security out of hours.

By CELA 20 Aug, 2018

Bridge the school readiness communication gap

Amplify’s series on school readiness around Australia showed how widely the states and territories still differ in their policies and practices around transitioning children to school. We can’t even agree on the name for the last years of early learning and the first year of school. 

By CELA 13 Aug, 2018

That special something – a reflection

Darren Brisbane, program manager at Sherpa Kids St Pauls, returns to share a story that began as an article about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in OSHC for Science Week this week, but it became something more – something quite special.

By CELA 6 Aug, 2018

The $120,000 superannuation gap between ECTs and primary teachers

Last month we shared a story on the startling $30,000 pay gap that exists between teachers who have the same kinds of degrees and same kinds of responsibilities: early childhood teachers, after 10 years of work, can expect to earn $30K less than their colleagues in primary schools.

By CELA 30 Jul, 2018

The importance of playing up

Darren Brisbane returns to Amplify with another practical, thoughtful post addressing a major pain-point in outside school hours care (OSHC): how do you keep senior students occupied? With a leap in his service’s senior student numbers this year, Darren’s team had to get creative.

By CELA 30 Jul, 2018

Children as citizens – social justice in the early years

Elesha Nounnis, an early childhood teacher at Wellbank, shares their story with Amplify readers, showing how social justice can become a positive and meaningful aspect of early years learning and have a real impact on children, educators, families and the hard working and caring teams working to improve the lives of disadvantaged people everywhere.

By CELA 23 Jul, 2018

The $30,000 pay gap question

With the same degree, the same responsibilities, but often shorter holidays and less professional support, why are early childhood teachers paid so much less than their primary school colleagues?

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