By CELA 8 Aug, 2017

Educators as co-constructors of professional learning

Professional learning for educators is a crucial aspect of the sector and ongoing quality improvement, but it often emerges in a static form. Why are we comfortable about children directing their learning but constrained to stricter patterns in adult learning? Our newest guest writer, Nicole Halton of Inspired EC, shares a vision of adults as the co-constructors of their professional education. Chaos in the classroom, or a creative expression of lifelong education – you be the judge!

By CELA 3 Aug, 2017

When disaster strikes a preschool: personal reflection

When disaster strikes a town, children can be affected in many ways.  One of our CELA advisers, Kathy Lawton, has just returned from a support visit to services in a region severely damaged by floods earlier this year and shares her reflections with us.  Scroll to the end for some great advice from KidsMatter on talking to children about trauma, sadness and confronting news.

By CELA 4 Jul, 2017

An Around Australia series: transition to school stories, starting in NSW

The start of school is a major life event for children and families alike.  Research shows us that children who have a positive start in early learning are likely to be more engaged learners at school, and that a positive school transition is also likely to help a child to experience ongoing academic and social success.

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