By CELA 25 Aug, 2023

Spotlight on the EYLF V2.0: What are the changes?

As we approach the end of 2023, all services utilising the EYLF must be ready to transition to the newly updated EYLF V2.0 framework.

Are you well-versed with these revisions? Do you know how they can enhance your current practices?

Find out what's changed, and what you can do to ensure you're ready to transition in 2024. 


By CELA 24 Aug, 2023

How woodwork empowers children at Styles Street

Styles Street Director Radha Babicci shares the philosophy behind a risky activity that brings big rewards for the children at her community-based service, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 

By CELA 12 Aug, 2023

How a desire for books drove a child-led fundraiser, STEM investigations and a visit from Grandma Smoo

As Children's Book Week nears, we had the pleasure of interviewing early childhood teacher Jackie Blackburn about a remarkable initiative, spearheaded by her kindergarten group, to fundraise for books. Throughout the process, the children have been immersed in STEM learning, literacy and social-emotional development, culminating in days full of joy and play-based learning. 

By CELA 10 Aug, 2023

New ACCC report shows that ECEC affordability has decreased despite government measures

The rising costs of early childhood education have prompted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to launch a Childcare Inquiry. Led by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, the inquiry's interim report reveals that fees are outstripping inflation, with disadvantaged families impacted the most. 

The ACCC's findings will play a pivotal role in shaping future early education reforms in Australia. Read on to discover the key findings, what CELA says, and why this inquiry is important for the sector. 

By Meg Anastasi 4 Aug, 2023

Using strengths based language to discuss behaviour

Our choice of language plays a crucial role in shaping our approach towards children, as well as our communication with their families.  

Early Childhood Teacher and CELA facilitator Meg Anastasi explores the power of strength-based language when communicating with families and demonstrates how emphasising a child's strengths can help nurture more supportive and positive relationships. 

By Deborah Hoger 1 Aug, 2023

The importance of introducing Indigenous languages into schools and early education spaces

Language is intrinsic to understanding and expressing culture; loss of language inherently means loss of culture and identity. For Indigenous children, being able to connect in early childhood with an Indigenous language helps strengthen their sense of belonging and identity. 

Proud Dunghutti woman and early education resources specialist Deborah Hoger explores the importance of introducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages into schools and early education spaces. 

By CELA 1 Aug, 2023

Strategies for addressing biting in early education services

Biting can have significant impacts within an early childhood setting—for the children involved, the educators and parents, and even for the learning environment.

We explore the considerations around biting within an early education setting and provide strategies for dealing with biting, including policy and communications.

By CELA 28 Jul, 2023

How the Uluru Statement from the Heart can inform early childhood practice

This Friday is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, with a theme of  "Little Voices, Loud Futures", raising awareness of the bright futures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and the potential for their voices to pave a new path for our nation. 

We explore how early childhood educators can use The Uluru Statement from the Heart to inform their everyday practice and pedagogy, ensuring that First Nations children have the chance to "be proud and empowered by their culture to speak their truth and be listened to by all Australians." (SNAICC)

By CELA 24 Jul, 2023

How do you eat an echidna? Tackling education’s spiky problems with ambition

Minister for Education Jason Clare set out an ambitious reform agenda at his National Press Club speech, painting education as the great equaliser and the foundation for Australia’s economic success.

From additional university study hubs to extended funding for First Nations students, this article explores his ambitious education reform agenda, and how the proposed changes could shape our nation's future.

By Nadia Latin 21 Jul, 2023

Respecting children’s art: Nurturing creativity and autonomy

Should we be writing on children’s artwork? 

Is it appropriate to interpret and comment on a child’s work?  

Tertiary early childhood educator Nadia Latin (formerly an ECT) explores how we can respect children's art so that we nurture creativity and autonomy. 


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