By CELA 14 Jun, 2022

$1.4 billion to ensure affordable preschool for all families in NSW and $376.5 million investment announced with Brighter Beginnings for NSW child development

Dominic Perrottet, Sarah Mitchell and Matt Kean have announced an investment of more than $1.4 billion over four years for the 2022-23 NSW Budget to ensure affordable preschool for all families. Plus, Dominic Perrottet, Sarah Mitchell, Matt Kean, Brad Hazzard, Victor Dominello, Natasha Mclaren-Jones have announced $376.5 million investment over four years in child development and family support as part of the 2022-23 NSW Budget.

By Rachel Foulstone and Elizabeth Akee 10 Jun, 2022

How we embedded local Indigenous cultural perspectives into our OSHC

Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the curriculum is an important goal for many early years and OSHC services. Still, it can be challenging to know where to start.  

Elizabeth Akee and Rachel Foulstone of PCYC Barkly Hwy OSHC in Mount Isa Queensland share how they created a 12-month plan to embed local Indigenous perspectives into their program with input from cultural advisor Aunty Ros Von Senden.

By CELA 27 May, 2022

How OMEP Australia is advocating for quality early education

Have you ever considered joining an international organisation with a focus on advancing children’s rights?  

CELA recently spoke with Sandie Wong, President of OMEP Australia (a peak body that defends and promotes the rights of all children to access early childhood education) to find out what they are advocating for and how you can get involved. 

By CELA 23 May, 2022

Post election summary

This morning, Australia has sworn in its 31st Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, our first Labor leader since 2013.

We take a look at what this could mean for our sector, what we are advocating for, and what can you do to help ensure that the new government puts education and care issues firmly on its list of priorities.  

By Deborah Hoger 19 May, 2022

How early educators can be brave and make change during National Reconciliation Week

The National Reconciliation Week 2022 theme Be Brave. Make Change is simple and to the point.  The theme asks us as individuals and as organisations to be bold and take brave actions in our daily lives to achieve reconciliation.  

But what does this exactly mean for educators? How can we take these four simple words and apply them meaningfully to our practice and our educational settings?  

By CELA 14 May, 2022

Federal Election 2022 – What the parties are promising for children, families, and education & care

Will this be the election that finally brings about the changes to the education and care sector that we have long been advocating for? 

For years now, CELA, along with other peaks and campaign alliances, have been raising awareness about the importance of our sector and the critical first five years of life. Finally, the messages are getting through. Political candidates are talking more about education and care this election than ever before.

Find out where the parties stand concerning policies that affect our sector so that you can make the most of your vote on May 21. 


By Meg Anastasi 2 May, 2022

Simple strategies for promoting trust with families

The pandemic has brought up many challenges for building relationships with families, but also new opportunities. Educator Meg Anastasi shares simple strategies for promoting trust when interacting with families in our current environment. 

By Deborah Hoger 2 May, 2022

Championing reconciliation through art

Have you been looking for ways to champion reconciliation?  

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art murals and incursions are wonderful ways to visibly celebrate culture in your service. They can also facilitate the establishment of connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, families, and the broader community.

Deborah Hoger explores how education services can champion reconciliation through murals and incursions.  

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