By CELA 4 Jul, 2017

An Around Australia series: transition to school stories, starting in NSW

The start of school is a major life event for children and families alike.  Research shows us that children who have a positive start in early learning are likely to be more engaged learners at school, and that a positive school transition is also likely to help a child to experience ongoing academic and social success.

By CELA 22 Jun, 2017

Belonging to the wider world: excursions by bus and train to the city and more

Once you have a good established local excursion culture it is easier to go further into the community. These excursions are more complex as they involve transport by bus and therefore are planned well in advance, rather than our spontaneous walking excursions.  The philosophy behind the excursions remains the same, however: children must go out into their communities in order to build a sense of connection and belonging.

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