By CELA 3 May, 2017

The pedagogy of outdoor play: part 2 of our series from Raw & Unearthed

Each Raw & Unearthed PLAY session begins with the group coming together to connect. For us, building a connection is more than just connecting to the space. The connection we promote travels deeper. It entwines respect, knots together acknowledgment and ties us to the history of the land and its people.

By CELA 17 Apr, 2017

Time for action – calling for universal early learning for every Australian child

Following a meeting on 8 February 2018, we the undersigned, call on federal, state and territory governments to accept and implement the recommendations of the Lifting our Game1 report to achieve sustained educational excellence in Australian schools, by increasing participation of all children in quality early childhood education for at least 600 hours per year for two years before school.

By CELA 20 Aug, 2016

Amazing earthworms

Let’s begin by taking the ‘yuck’ out of worms and gaining an understanding of how important these animals are to a healthy eco-system.

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