By CELA 20 Apr, 2023

A reflection on reframing inclusive early education

The early years learning framework V2 has expanded upon the principle of high expectation and equity, including a focus on inclusion. This recognises and reinforces the right of all children to participate in high-quality and inclusive early childhood settings, regardless of circumstances, strengths, gender, capabilities, or diverse ways of doing and being.  

At a time when many services are experiencing workforce pressures, including and planning for children with a diagnosis may seem challenging. 

CELA early education specialist and former preschool director Janelle Gallagher reflects on her awakening to the possibilities of inclusive early education and how it can be life-changing for children and families.  

By Elizabeth Bailey* 14 Apr, 2023

How to make music with children when you're not musical

Do you find yourself becoming Frozen when it comes to creating musical experiences with children?

Experienced Early Childhood Teacher and musical advocate Elizabeth Bailey* encourages you to "Let it go, let it go" by sharing tips and insights into how to be musical with children when you're not confident (so you can finally move on from the Frozen theme song and escape from the jaws of Baby Shark, do do do do do do). 

*Name changed for this article for privacy reasons


By CELA 5 Apr, 2023

Focus on oral sensory seeking: When should we intervene?

What should you do when you see a child in the sandpit happily eating sand again? We speak to CELA Early Education Specialist Jannelle Gallagher and Occupational Therapist Claire Joyce to learn more about oral sensory-seeking behaviours in early childhood and how best to respond. 

By CELA 4 Apr, 2023

Four ways we can grow our understanding of autism to build a more inclusive society

April is Autism Awareness Month, with a purpose of raising awareness, acceptance and inclusion surrounding autism. By promoting acceptance and understanding of autism and neurodiversity we can create a more inclusive and supportive society for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. Neurodiverse individuals should be valued and celebrated for who they are, not stigmatised or marginalised for their differences.

We explore four ways you can grow your understanding of autism in order to be part of building a more inclusive and supportive society for autistic people of all ages.  

By CELA 27 Mar, 2023

Are you aware of CMV and the risks in early education settings?

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of CMV or cytomegalovirus. But by the age of 40, up to 85% of Australian adults have been infected with this virus. CMV is common in early childhood and, while generally a mild virus, can have more serious implications for pregnant people contracting the disease.

We discuss cytomegalovirus (CMV) and why ECEC providers should be proactive about addressing and preventing its spread. 

By CELA 17 Mar, 2023

CELA member pre-election meeting with Minister Mitchell

The Minister for Education and Early Learning, Sarah Mitchell, met with a representative group of CELA members at our Sydney CBD office last Tuesday night. It was a unique opportunity for members to better understand how early education policy is being implemented before the state election. Both parties were invited to attend, and Minister Mitchell accepted our invitation.  

Read on for a summary of what was discussed. 

By Claire Joyce 13 Mar, 2023

The best ways to support children struggling with emotional regulation

"When emotional regulation difficulties are present, everyday demands can create changeable stress and anxiety levels in children and influence how they behave and respond to their environment."

Emotional regulation skills are now considered crucial to the foundations of a child's healthy dispositions and lifelong learning skills. Paediatric occupational therapist Claire Joyce shares seven of the best ways to support children who are struggling with emotional regulation.

By CELA 3 Mar, 2023

12 inclusion tips from CELA's Elevate conference

Inclusion is not a choice in early education; equity, inclusion and high expectations are key principles of the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Last week we hosted our Elevate one-day conference with a theme of belonging and inclusion. In this article, you'll find 12 key inclusion tips and insights from our eight amazing speakers, along with links to more resources to guide you along your inclusion journey. 

By Meg Anastasi 27 Feb, 2023

Where to start when you're new to planning and programming

Are you new to the early education sector and finding it challenging to get to grips with the planning process? Perhaps you have a new team member who could do with some tips and guidance. In this article, Early Childhood Teacher Meg Anastasi shares helpful tips and insights for getting started with planning in early childhood education. 

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