By CELA 16 Nov, 2020

The Kindness Curriculum

A new curriculum is available in Australia that aims to teach children kindness. The Kindness Curriculum is available for children of all ages and has been designed to complement existing curriculums. There is a specific section for children aged birth to five years that links to The Early Years Learning Framework.

By CELA 16 Nov, 2020

The school readiness debate

The topic of school readiness stirs emotion and provokes debate. Some educators fear their children will struggle with the primary school transition – socially and academically. Other educators are concerned about the unnecessary pressure on children to reach benchmarks because early childhood education is about being and belonging, not just becoming.

By CELA 6 Nov, 2020

5 steps to safe stick play

Risky play  is always a hot topic in Facebook groups, forums and PD sessions. While many of these discussions focus around sharp tools, climbing to great heights and engaging with heavy loose parts, the common garden stick rarely rates a mention.

By CELA 2 Nov, 2020

Demonstrating Respect for Country

Regular Amplify writer Deborah Hoger, a Dunghutti woman and early years Indigenous educational resources specialist, shares how we can ensure that it’s done with respect and as a way to extend learning and understanding.

By CELA 23 Oct, 2020

Involving children in Quality Improvement Planning

Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) are completed so that services can self-assess their performance in order to provide children with quality education and care, and to plan for future improvement. Therefore, it makes sense to ask the children themselves about the changes they would like to see at their centre.

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