Rattler - Issue 134 - March 2021

This edition of Rattler begins with our Meet the Member feature, highlighting how confidence and critical reflection enabled Cooks Hill Preschool to achieve an exceeding rating in all 7 areas in their recent Assessment & Rating.

CELA early childhood education and care specialist Karthika Viknarasah delves into whether leadership and joy can co-exist, the importance and key elements of a joyful team, and the value in celebrating personal growth.
In her article No Such Thing as a Naughty Child, teacher and children’s book author Renee Irving Lee explains that if we can understand the reasons behind challenging behaviours, we can reframe language to focus on the behaviour rather than the child, thereby imparting life-long learning skills needed for healthy emotional development.

Dr. Sarah Powell provides insights into the power of singing with children and Wendy Saeme Lee, a Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Sydney, explains her research into the long term value of building quality relationships with children in ECE settings.

CELA’s research and policy manager Megan O’Connell discusses the challenges and solutions that arise with educating in remote and complex environments while Philippa Yeend and Louise Black explore the difference between supervision and engagement.

This insightful and thought-provoking edition wraps up with Keeta Williams’ research into the importance of authenticity when building community connections.

We hope that you enjoy this edition and we look forward to connecting with you over the coming months as we support you through the continuing pandemic situation.

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