Rattler - Issue 140 - November 2022

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Rattler, which begins with a spotlight on CELA member The Point Preschool, defined by a supportive culture and creative approach, and share the story of how a "Spectacular Find" in a sandpit led to a STEM award. 

CELA facilitator and child/adult relationship expert Michelle Cuthbertson provides suggestions on how to respond to families seeking parenting support, while regular CELA writer Adeline Teoh explores the term “gender-expansive” and what it means in an early education space.  

This issue of Rattler includes some great articles focused on supporting leaders in our sector. “Cultivating strong leadership in challenging times” explores what strong leadership looks like and how it can be developed even in times of crisis. The article includes tips and commentary from service director Jackie Staudinger and Canberra-based leadership coach Dr Susan McGinty. Our workplace culture-focused article "The family trap” explores why a family-like workplace isn’t the cultural pinnacle you might expect and what leaders can do to create a positive, thriving culture that includes teamwork and collaboration. 

Our regular round-up of early education research takes a look at a study on parental practices and beliefs about reading with infants and a study on redefining engineering for early childhood educators through professional development. We also share a project that aimed to examine the contributions of Elders to Aboriginal community healing in a remote Aboriginal community in Tasmania and what that might mean for educators looking to build connections with local Elders

We finish issue 140 by sharing outcomes from the University of Sydney’s Early Learning Matters Project, which puts a spotlight on physical well-being in ECEC and provides suggestions around how to prevent workplace injuries.  

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