Thinking and Learning about Leadership: Early Childhood Research from Australia, Finland and Norway

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Waniganayake, M., Rodd, J. and Gibbs, L. (Eds.), (2015). Paperback, 272 pages

This Research Monograph brings together the latest work of 20 researchers focusing on early childhood leadership matters in three countries. They are members of the International Leadership Research Forum that was established in Finland in 2011.
This publication represents a unique cross-cultural collaboration of those interested in advancing the knowledge base of early childhood leadership, with a view to enhancing practice, pedagogy and policy in the sector. It aims to inform, inspire and influence current thinking and learning about early childhood leadership, both locally and globally. Despite the geographical distance, the three countries share many of the same concerns when it comes to early childhood provision.

There is something for everyone – from novice to experienced early childhood practitioners, organisational managers, advocates for young children as well as policy makers and policy analysts. Read the new insights this book offers and use it to make a difference for young children and their families where ever they may live.

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