Starting from Scratch Toolkit (PDF)

This Toolkit contains a series of fact sheets designed to help support you through the process of starting an early education and care service. Each fact sheet provides an introduction to its topic as well as some key concepts and requirements for your consideration and further investigation. These fact sheets are presented in two parts;

  • Part One: Regulatory, legal and planning requirements and
  • Part Two: Operational requirements and cover everything you need to know; from types of services to government funding to equipment considerations and marketing of your new service.

The factsheets included in this toolkit are:

PART ONE: Regulatory, legal and planning requirements 

  • Fact Sheet 1 Overview of education and care services
  • Fact Sheet 2 Types of education and care children’s services
  • Fact Sheet 3 The regulatory environment in education and care services
  • Fact Sheet 4 The National Quality Standard
  • Fact Sheet 5 Government websites you will need to access
  • Fact Sheet 6 Local government planning requirements
  • Fact Sheet 7 Government funding for education and care services
  • Fact Sheet 8 Building design and environment requirements
  • Fact Sheet 9 Location considerations and feasibility studies

PART TWO: Operational requirements

  • Fact Sheet 10 Financial considerations
  • Fact Sheet 11 Staffing
  • Fact Sheet 12 Service philosophy
  • Fact Sheet 13 Curriculum considerations
  • Fact sheet 14 Service policies, handbook and forms
  • Fact Sheet 15 Equipment considerations
  • Fact Sheet 15 Health, protection, safety and wellbeing
  • Fact Sheet 17 Publicity and marketing


**Please note this toolkit is a PDF**





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