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Belonging to the wider world: excursions by bus and train to the city and more

Going further, being connected Once you have a good established local excursion culture it is easier to go further into the community. These excursions are more complex as they involve transport by bus and therefore are planned well in advance, rather than our spontaneous walking excursions.  The philosophy behind the excursions remains the same, however: […]

Who wants to come to the post office? How to make spontaneous outings a reality in your service.

Getting out into your local community We know as early childhood professionals that children learn in a range of environments and in different ways. Children should regularly experience opportunities to go ‘outside the gate’. Community engagement aligns nicely with the benefits of excursions for children also. As a team we have agreed upon the main […]

Let's get out of here! A story for everyone who's ever wanted to take children beyond the safety gate.

Su Garrett and Lauren Kenny of the Annandale Explore & Develop service in Sydney’s Inner West take their organisation’s name seriously: both regular and spontaneous outings and excursions away from the service are a key element of their educational program. They frequently take walking trips to the shops, to the local park, or plan transport to other Sydney sights […]

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