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Seven vertical projects turning play sideways

Has anyone recently asked you to look at things from a different point of view? Maybe you’ve been invited to think outside the box? How about turning your frown upside down? It’s occasionally unsettling, but more often refreshing and engaging, to change the way you view everyday activities. Even more so when you can apply […]

Juvenile stick insects, or nymphs. Image credit: Gaby Flavin

I like big bugs and I cannot lie! A sticky (insect) tale from Gaby Flavin

Gabrielle (Gaby) Flavin is a new contributor to Amplify and brings us a six-legged story of bug-care in early and middle years services. A multi-talented and experienced educational leader, Gaby has a particular passion for animal welfare and, as you will read, her exposure to animal-keeping has had a firm effect on her approach to […]

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