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Early Childhood Education and care’s ever-increasing value to families

The Front Project’s latest survey of over 1000 parents and carers highlights how COVID-19 has reinforced the value of early childhood education and care in families’ minds. The latest survey results show that 80% of respondents say early childhood education and care is very important to their family. Parents commented on the challenges of juggling […]

Cuteness vs curiosity

Beth Sebesfi is an early childhood teacher and mother of three daughters aged 5, 3 and not-yet-1. From time to time she shares with us the professional insights arising from her personal experiences with children at work and home. Today’s story is a reflection on the impact of seeing children through a lens of ‘cuteness’.  […]

Wellbeing for educators, second in the series, Niyati Prabhu

Previously, Niyati Prabhu has written for us about a local research project she led which connected parents, educators, schools and children in order to improve her service’s school readiness programs.  In the next three weeks, Niyati is sharing a range of educator-wellbeing strategies employed at Cherry Bridge Station, Lane Cove, where she is the nominated […]

James the preschool buddy

Exploring our nested environment with parents’ perspectives

Quality area 6 inspires us to connect and collaborate with children’s families and communities, and one crucial time for doing that is when children are moving from early learning to school.  Niyati Prabhu is a nominated supervisory and educational leader at a children’s service on Sydney’s north shore.  She writes for us today about a […]

Starting school Tasmania

Around Australia series: starting school in Tasmania

Starting school in Tasmania Our next stop in the Around Australia starting school is the Apple Isle, Tasmania, where debate has raged for 18 months around the government’s plan to lower the school starting age from 5 years (on 1 January) to 4.5 years, and to open its free, public school kindergartens to children as young […]

Community engagement in a box: how the Little Free Libraries took off at Acacia Ridge

Acacia Ridge is a south-western suburb of Brisbane. It has a large industrial zone, an ice skating rink, and no public library.  About 20% of children were starting school in that area without the basic language skills they needed to do well. Read this story sent to Amplify by The Benevolent Society about how their early […]

How can we work better together on a Working Together Agreement? Emma Pierce returns with more NDIS insights

Early childhood educators know we need to collaborate to support inclusion for young children with developmental delay or disability, but it isn’t always easy. Emma Pierce’s last blog explained how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) relates to educators. In today’s post, Emma talks about some potential challenges that can emerge in the context of […]

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