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Hands on environmental education in bushcare

  Outdoor education is a priority for many early learning services. The rich experiences can make remarkable differences in the way children learn even after they are back under a ceiling. This week we hear from a service that asked the children how to embed sustainability education into its program.  CELA writer Margaret Paton spoke to […]

Bridge the school readiness communication gap

Amplify’s series on school readiness around Australia showed how widely the states and territories still differ in their policies and practices around transitioning children to school. We can’t even agree on the name for the last years of early learning and the first year of school. Prep, reception, pre-primary, preschool, are just some of the […]


The $120,000 superannuation gap between ECTs and primary teachers

Last month we shared a story on the startling $30,000 pay gap that exists between teachers who have the same kinds of degrees and same kinds of responsibilities: early childhood teachers, after 10 years of work, can expect to earn $30K less than their colleagues in primary schools. Clearly, it struck a chord.  The article shot instantly […]

NSW preschool reactions to 3yo funding news

The NSW Government says it will fund about 8000 more three-year-old children for places in a community preschool, but has the story raised more questions than it’s answered so far? For Australia’s most populated state to move towards additional preschool funding is great news – even with the current limits to the package. On the […]

Analysis of the sector

There’s the good news, and the bad news…

Earlier this year we reported that a global economic analysis company, IBISWorld, projected ‘preschool education’ (see end note) would join data storage services, craft beer production, aquaculture, and courier delivery services as the fastest growing employment for 2017-18 and up to 2023. IBISWorld analyst James Thomson told us that growing wages and demand for skilled […]

Preschools, craft breweries lead jobs growth for next 5 years: IBISWorld

Skills shortages in early childhood education Telling the sector nothing we don’t know about skills shortages, but saying it in a way politicians might understand, a new report from IBISWorld identifies preschool teaching as a high demand area for employment for at least the next five years. ‘Preschool education’ joins data storage services, craft beer […]

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