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Building a sustainable workforce

Ahead of both the NSW and Federal elections this year, the need for serious government commitment to sustainable workforce strategies was raised time and again. At the national level some parties, but not all, responded with detailed policy positions.  The Liberal party, which was silent on workforce policy, has now been returned to government so the […]


The $120,000 superannuation gap between ECTs and primary teachers

Last month we shared a story on the startling $30,000 pay gap that exists between teachers who have the same kinds of degrees and same kinds of responsibilities: early childhood teachers, after 10 years of work, can expect to earn $30K less than their colleagues in primary schools. Clearly, it struck a chord.  The article shot instantly […]

Shortside: Educators walk off on International Women's Day 2017

Whether you walk, or whether you stay, tell families why. This Wednesday large numbers of early childhood educators are expected to walk off the job to draw attention to the notoriously low wages in this sector. It’s no coincidence that Wednesday 8 March is also International Women’s Day.  While men in ECE are similarly underpaid, […]

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