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The school readiness debate

The topic of school readiness stirs emotion and provokes debate. Some educators fear their children will struggle with the primary school transition – socially and academically. Other educators are concerned about the unnecessary pressure on children to reach benchmarks because early childhood education is about being and belonging, not just becoming. When you really boil […]

School readiness questions asked

School readiness. Are there two words more likely to provoke ‘lively discussion’ in any group of early childhood educators? Then if you bring some parents and school teachers into the group, and add another two words –  say, ‘standardised testing’ – that discussion will almost certainly escalate from ‘lively’ to ‘heated’. School readiness as a […]

Bridge the school readiness communication gap

Amplify’s series on school readiness around Australia showed how widely the states and territories still differ in their policies and practices around transitioning children to school. We can’t even agree on the name for the last years of early learning and the first year of school. Prep, reception, pre-primary, preschool, are just some of the […]

Around Australia Transition to School Series – Queensland

Queensland Transition to School We’re almost done now and in their last week of term for 2017 we turn to sunny Queensland’s transition to school in our Around Australia series. CELA writer Cath Fowler checked the scene and brings you this snapshot accompanied by a director’s perspective. North of the border In Queensland, the year […]

James the preschool buddy

Exploring our nested environment with parents’ perspectives

Quality area 6 inspires us to connect and collaborate with children’s families and communities, and one crucial time for doing that is when children are moving from early learning to school.  Niyati Prabhu is a nominated supervisory and educational leader at a children’s service on Sydney’s north shore.  She writes for us today about a […]

Around Australia transition to school series Western Australia

Around Australia school transition series: Western Australia

Next stop: WA The next stop on our transition to school series sees us on the left hand side of the map in Western Australia. As with other states and territories, there are different terms and age expectations for the stages of early childhood and primary school education. In WA, parents apply to enrol a […]

An Around Australia series: transition to school stories, starting in NSW

Introducing our first Around Australia series: transitions to school. The start of school is a major life event for children and families alike.  Research shows us that children who have a positive start in early learning are likely to be more engaged learners at school, and that a positive school transition is also likely to […]

Smallest to tallest: one of our sector’s ‘middle children’ sets the bar high for school transition

…we realised that to achieve harmony we had to change the way we introduced kindergarten children to our service and our program… The start of every school year is filled with mixed emotions for everyone involved. For our team it’s a time of anticipation, reassurance, reflection, and trepidation, as we prepare for what the new […]

Can a parent's needs outweigh a child's when early intervention is in question? Rebecca Thompson saves her toughest challenge to last

Oh no! This can’t be last one! I could talk about inclusive practice forever, but okay: let’s wrap up this series with a post about hard conversations. Not conversations between you and I as such, but rather THOSE hard conversations we have to have with families. Or, often, the conversations we know we should have but […]

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