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The school readiness debate

The topic of school readiness stirs emotion and provokes debate. Some educators fear their children will struggle with the primary school transition – socially and academically. Other educators are concerned about the unnecessary pressure on children to reach benchmarks because early childhood education is about being and belonging, not just becoming. When you really boil […]

Australian Capital Territory

Transition to School Around Australia – cross the finish line in Canberra.

Our Transition to School Around Australia series crosses the finish line in the home of our nation’s capital, the Australian Capital Territory. CELA Writer Cath Fowler winds up her review of the issues in transition in each jurisdiction by looking at the multiple program approach the ACT is taking to improving transition to school from […]

Around Australia Transition to School Series – Queensland

Queensland Transition to School We’re almost done now and in their last week of term for 2017 we turn to sunny Queensland’s transition to school in our Around Australia series. CELA writer Cath Fowler checked the scene and brings you this snapshot accompanied by a director’s perspective. North of the border In Queensland, the year […]

Starting Early for a Better Future

Transition to school series reaches the Northern Territory

We continue our Around Australia Transition to School series by heading this week to the Top End. The region’s remoteness, low early childhood education attendance rates, and high proportion of developmentally vulnerable children brings with it unique challenges. In 2015, 37.2 per cent of Northern Territory children were developmentally vulnerable compared to 22.0 per cent […]

Around Australia transition to school series Western Australia

Around Australia school transition series: Western Australia

Next stop: WA The next stop on our transition to school series sees us on the left hand side of the map in Western Australia. As with other states and territories, there are different terms and age expectations for the stages of early childhood and primary school education. In WA, parents apply to enrol a […]

Transition to school SA

Transition to school series – South Australia

Our Around Australia series looks at the topic of children’s transitions to school – examining the hot issues in each jurisdiction and looking at ways we can learn from each other. Having explored NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, our focus shifts this week to South Australia, where Reception is the first year of school and kindergarten […]

Visiting 'big school'

Nothing takes the place of face to face: a personal approach to school transition

Nothing can replace face to face Explore & Develop Breakfast Point is tucked away in a newly built estate with many amenities close by, such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks and schools. At the beginning of 2017, the local school (St Patrick’s) at Mortlake opened its doors, just minutes from our centre’s gate. Many of […]

Starting school Tasmania

Around Australia series: starting school in Tasmania

Starting school in Tasmania Our next stop in the Around Australia starting school is the Apple Isle, Tasmania, where debate has raged for 18 months around the government’s plan to lower the school starting age from 5 years (on 1 January) to 4.5 years, and to open its free, public school kindergartens to children as young […]

Around Australia series: approaches to school transition. Victoria!

Victoria Transition to School Our Around Australia series moves on this week, shifting south from NSW to Victoria. The series looks at what’s making news in school transitions in every state and territory and identifies opportunities to learn from each other about what is and isn’t working in each jurisdiction. Greater insight into effective transitions […]

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