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Multiple benefits of being Eco Smart – NSW SPROuts Awards Pt 2

Striving to be ‘greener’ has led three award-winning services on very different journeys that have improved other learning and development outcomes. In Part 2 of our focus on Education for Sustainability we find out how KU Children’s Services are embracing environmental sustainability, which led to two services winning SPROuts (Sustainable Projects Recognising Outstanding Practice) awards […]

How handy is your handwashing policy_

How handy is your handwashing policy?

Handwashing and drying might sound trivial to the uninitiated, but getting it right is a major action for reducing the spread of infectious diseases and staying healthy when working with children. This story is by CELA Writers Margaret Paton and Bec Lloyd Along with curriculum and ethics, work safety and inclusion, there’s another core topic […]

Hands on environmental education in bushcare

  Outdoor education is a priority for many early learning services. The rich experiences can make remarkable differences in the way children learn even after they are back under a ceiling. This week we hear from a service that asked the children how to embed sustainability education into its program.  CELA writer Margaret Paton spoke to […]

Wilma Murdoch

Rethinking and engaging in sustainability education

Has sustainability education lost its impact? Is it an over-used term now, with its meaning muddied beyond worm farms and recycled craft paper? Wilma Murdoch, adjunct lecturer at CSU and board member at Seed Harvest Spoon, considers the question for Amplify this week and explains her answer, “Yes, no, don’t give up”. Wilma brings 25 […]

Wellbeing for educators, second in the series, Niyati Prabhu

Previously, Niyati Prabhu has written for us about a local research project she led which connected parents, educators, schools and children in order to improve her service’s school readiness programs.  In the next three weeks, Niyati is sharing a range of educator-wellbeing strategies employed at Cherry Bridge Station, Lane Cove, where she is the nominated […]

Simple guide to glitter alternatives

Glitter alternatives, a CELA Simple Guide

Alternatives to glitter The Great Glitter Debate (or GlitterGate as we like to call it at CELA) has been around for years – so why bring it up again each time there’s a story about banning the tiny plastic sparkles in the media? For one thing, the discussion is worth having simply because of the turnover among […]

Don't play with your food-

Don’t play with your food?

Ethical choices in early childhood settings Educators face many different challenges in their daily work, just one of these is the use of various play materials in our services. All of us want to offer children the widest possible range of experiences so we can support and foster their development. However, beyond providing that variety, […]


Zucchini that grows itself, and more to come from Lukas Ritson

Spring is springing all over Australia and a goodly number of educators, directors and parent committees are checking out the latest nursery catalogues and thinking of punnets, seed packets and wondering which purchases will make it onto the budget this year. Enter: the zucchini that grows itself. Start with one zucchini, then follow the life […]

Growing Your Own Pet Food

The guinea pigs at Clarence Town pre-school are fed with the freshest of fresh produce! Last year we had a vision: to establish a community garden in the courtyard outside of our pre-school. This is a shared space for anyone using the community centre. It is also easily accessed by the community. This vision became a […]

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