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Why educator self care is so important

Be You Consultants Nikki Edwards and Tanya Burr share why educator self-care is so important and how you can start the conversation at your service. Why self-care is so important for educators working with young children and families The work that educators do draws on so much of who they are as a person. There […]

Families and vulnerability report: Why early education is essential to Australia’s COVID-19 recovery

Community Early Learning Australia has released a report that highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, and the importance of early education in the nation’s recovery. We are calling for childcare support to continue to ensure vulnerable children do not miss out on vital care. “With so many families losing jobs and income, […]

The best gift you can give yourself

  Me-time or ‘meh’ time? One thing we know (and research backs it up) is that in so-called caring professions like education, people find it even more difficult to create ‘me-time’ or the kind of self-care that rejuvenates flagging spirits and revives tired bodies. We often find it hard to follow the oxygen mask advice […]

We can make a difference in children’s mental wellbeing

We don’t think of young children as having ‘mental health problems’ but any educator will have experience of dealing with children who were overwhelmed by their emotions, and have sometimes felt challenged by the behaviour of toddlers and pre-schoolers. In fact the early years are a crucial time when children’s brains are developing the architecture […]

Parenting with a growth mindset

Mother’s Day is only a fortnight away and many educators are reflecting on how – or if – they should help children celebrate the occasion. Instead of craft templates, today we’re introducing you to Beth Sebesfi, an early childhood teacher and writer who also happens to be the ever-learning mother of three girls now aged […]

Advocacy is for every day, not just for campaigns

  Martel Menz is a well known Australian advocate for quality early childhood education and recognition of educators. While Martel is a leader in the AEU, she penned this article for Amplify! describing her approach to ‘everyday’ activism and how making small differences every day can make a big difference when the major issues roll around.   We’d […]

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