Empower, adapt and thrive with leadership expert Alison Earl 


Are you an early education leader seeking to enhance collaboration, cooperation, and responsibility within your team? Join us for a transformative webinar with internationally acclaimed leadership expert, Alison Earl. 

🔥 Our recent face to face masterclass with Alison was a sold out event, with many names still on our waiting list. To meet the demand, we've decided to run a live webinar version of the training. 🔥

Alison brings a blend of dynamic teaching and deep empathy, and understands the leadership challenges facing small and community providers. Under her guidance, you'll learn to: 

  • Adopt a visionary leadership approach. 

  • Manage stress effectively, preventing burnout. 

  • Cultivate a resilient stress response for better decision-making. 

  • Foster a culture of collaboration and transparency within your team. 

  • Navigate challenges with open communication, reducing resistance and fostering innovation. 

If you only attend one professional development session this year, this is the one you should attend. The leadership training Alison provided was excellent, I am still using her strategies with my team 12 months down the track.

Kathy Phipps, Narooma Preschool Director and 2022 CELA/Alison Earl Leadership Retreat attendee 


Alison's primary goal is to empower individuals to master their reactions to change, uncertainty, and stress. Join us for a transformative experience that promises not just knowledge but a ripple effect of positive change throughout your organisation.

🔖 AMAZING VALUE: This event would normally be priced at over $400. CELA is subsidising this session so that more people can afford to benefit from Alison’s expertise. Tickets start at just $95 for a single ticket and $190 for your entire team.

We know that small and community providers need tailored expertise to support their leadership now, more than ever. Don't miss this training! Previous Leadership Masterclass participants are still telling us about the life changing effects Alison's training has had on their mindset, their leadership and the collaboration from their team.

  • 100% of Thrive Leadership Masterclass face to face participants said they believe the knowledge and skills gained will benefit them in the future via our feedback survey.
  • 100% of participants said they anticipate applying the skills they gained either immediately or in the near future. 

Who should attend?  

We welcome leaders from all types of ECEC and OOSH services, and their teams!

What you will walk away with

Practical strategies to empower others

Discover how to delegate and distribute responsibilities effectively to combat leader fatigue. Develop strategies that empower your team, fostering a more collaborative and positive work culture. 

A plan to master time scarcity and improve productivity

Overcome the constant battle with time. Learn how you and your team can optimise efficiency and productivity. 

A strategy for creating a thriving environment in the face of uncertainty

Learn how to lead yourself and others through uncertainty, adapt to rapid changes, and create a thriving workplace environment. 

Webinar program overview - Thursday 26 October

Webinar time Topics

Morning webinar


Workshop 1: Adapting to change 

Understand the impact of change and uncertainty, how stress works and the power of mindset to take control of our own experience

  • OUTCOME: A changed mindset strategy

Workshop 2: Empowering Others 

Learn to make critical shifts to empower your team to be ‘response-able’ and gain tools to protect 

yourself against leader fatigue. 

  • OUTCOME: Overcome leader fatigue 

Afternoon webinar


Workshop 3: Mastering Time Scarcity  

Discover a new approach to time management that incorporates energy management; restructure 

your day to maximise usable hours and productivity. 

  • OUTCOME: Improve productivity 

Workshop 4: Developing Leadership Strengths

Through a process of appreciative inquiry, we will identify and enhance the self-determined ‘forces’ behind optimal success.

  • OUTCOME: Create an actionable plan to move forward



Spots Limited - book now


$95 member / $120 non member

For individual educators 

Recordings will be made available after the event for those who are unable to attend on the day. 


Note: During booking, please add one attendee name only.


$190 member / $240 non member

For one service to enable multiple educators to attend   

Allows your entire team to attend the live webinar and/or view the recording. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance. 


Note: During booking, please add one attendee name only. Additional attendee details will be gathered in the feedback survey after the session. 

Elective PD

Teachers may consider using this course towards their Elective PD hours, to maintain teacher accreditation requirements, in line with the guidelines

Meet Alison Earl 

Alison Earl is an internationally respected leadership expert and coach, known for her dynamic and empathetic approach. With years of experience, Alison will provide invaluable insights and tools that you can implement right away in your leadership role. 

Alison’s core focus is on empowering people to take control of their personal experience of change, uncertainty and stress, ultimately helping them to thrive. She works with people and companies around the globe to empower self-directed change. 

What attendees said about last month's Thrive Leadership Masterclass with Alison Earl

"It has given me useful tips to easily reduce stress and to recognise the drama triangle in action."


"Learning the different mindset levels has allowed me to recognise burnout and how to support it."


"It's given me practical tools that I can implement immediately to initiate positive change."


Limited spots available. Book today!  

The future of the sector depends on strong, adaptive leaders. Be that leader. Thrive today, and ensure a vibrant tomorrow for yourself and your team. 

  Book single ticket  Book service ticket


Note: During booking, please add one attendee name only for the service ticket. Additional attendee details will be gathered in the feedback survey after the session. 

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