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Child Protection NSW — Refresher Course

With CELA's comprehensive Child Protection NSW Refresher course, your team will gain confidence and competence when it comes to required child protection knowledge, responsibilities, and legislation.

486,280 child protection notifications were made in 2019-20 in Australia concerning 275,015 children*. ECEC services take child protection seriously, and as a peak body, so do we. CELA is proud to have been a leading provider of child protection training for over 10 years.

In order to keep child protection awareness current and up to date, the NSW Government recommends undergoing refresher training every 12-24 months. CELA's Child Protection NSW Refresher Course includes six workshops with a variety of in-depth learning materials to suit all types of learners including tutorials, a comprehensive 96-page child protection resource booklet, a curated online library, plus tools, videos and quizzes to boost your understanding of child protection requirements in Australia and NSW. 

Suitable for anyone who works or volunteers in child-related work in NSW | NQS areas 2, 5, 7
*Source: Child Protection Australia 2019-20: Report and data summary

Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund if you change your mind or find yourself unable to take part - read our Terms & Conditions for further information

Note: On weekdays, enrolment will take up to 24 hours to process. Enrolments purchased after 12pm on Fridays, or over a weekend, will receive their invitation to log in on Monday of the following week. 

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hand-hold-educator-children-01.pngWhat you will learn

  • Key concepts of child protection legislation, mandatory reporting and harm and abuse types
  • Detailed information about responding to disclosure and reportable allegations
  • How to support children and families who have experienced abuse and/or neglect
  • How to implement work practices that support the protection of children and young people
  • How to report indications of possible risk of harm
  • How to apply ethical and nurturing practices in work with children and young people

The successful completion of this Child Protection NSW Refresher Course will enable educators to refresh their knowledge of child protection legislation including the responsibilities of mandatory reporters in NSW, how to identify significant harm and risk factors, and what's required in the provision of child-safe environments. Note: This training does not have a course code or provide formal accreditation.

We recommend allowing between 3-6 hours to complete this course. 6 hours includes time to read through the entire library of resources and materials. Some learners may complete the course in less time than this. Please add a unique email address for each enrolment.

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Course Curriculum

  • woman-mountain-icon-mc-leadership-(3).JPGIntroduction: Child Protection NSW Refresher
  • Workshop 1: Legislation
  • Workshop 2: Ethical and Nurturing Practices
  • Workshop 3: What is Abuse?
  • Workshop 4: Responding to Disclosure
  • Workshop 5: How to Report
  • Workshop 6: Long Term Impacts
  • Conclusion: Child Protection NSW Refresher



What's included?


Your Bonus: CELA's Child Protection Booklet

Our 96-page booklet walks you through every aspect of the course materials for easy reference once your online learning is complete.


Why choose CELA's Child Protection NSW Refresher?


Meet your facilitator: Aline Majado

Christine-Irwin.pngAline Majado is a child protection specialist at CELA, RTO Manager, and your facilitator for this course. Formerly an early childhood teacher, Aline has 19 years of experience working in the education sector and a wealth of knowledge around child protection. She has a background in art education and has worked with UNICEF welfare projects to support closing the gap of access to the arts in low socioeconomic areas in South America. Aline has also worked as an educator, supporting disadvantaged children and families through the implementation of community projects. 

Aline understands how important child protection education is for the education sector and the entire community. For this reason, she has a profound interest in sharing her knowledge of trauma awareness and child protection systems.

How this course links to our laws and regulations 

Section 162A – Education and Care Services National Law Act – Persons in day-to-day charge and nominated supervisors to have child protection training 
Section 167 – Education and Care Services National Law Act – Offence relating to protection of children from harm and hazards 

Regulation 84 – Education and Care Services National Regulations – Awareness of child protection law 
Regulation 168 – Education and Care Services National Regulations – Education and care service must have policies and procedures 
Quality Area 2 – Children's health and safety 
Standard 2.2 – Each child is protected

How this course corresponds to MTOP and EYLF 

EYLF Outcome 1 – Children feel safe, secure and supported 
EYLF Principle 1 – Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships 
EYLF Practice – Responsiveness to children 
Child safe standards 1, 5, 6 and 7

​Why train with CELA?

CELA’s Child Protection NSW Refresher course learning materials have been written by child protection experts, so you know that your team will be undertaking one of the highest quality child protection refresher training available. As a peak body for early childhood education and care, CELA has been trusted by quality early education services to provide comprehensive child protection training for over 10 years. We are a member of the Child Safety Working Group convened by the NSW Department of Education, and regularly update our knowledge and advice around best practices for child protection. 


Sample certificate: Child Protection NSW Refresher


Once you have completed all prerequisite quizzes and learning materials, you will be emailed a link to a digital certificate and badge that you can share with colleagues via email and proudly add to the service QIP, your CV or your professional profile on platforms like LinkedIn.

Please note: 

  • A unique email address is required for login, enrolment, certification and digital badge purposes upon successful completion of the micro credential. 
  • Students must successfully complete the quizzes embedded in workshops in order to gain their digital badge and certificate. 
  • Enrolled students need to be able to hear spoken words and have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection. 
  • Every student has one year from the date of enrolment to complete their course. 
  • Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund if you change your mind or find yourself unable to take part - read our Terms & Conditions for further information. 

Important for bulk purchases

Are you planning to purchase the refresher course for multiple members of your service or organisation? 

During the booking process of the refresher course, you are required to provide a unique email address for every attendee, organisation/service or staff member you are purchasing the micro credential for. A unique email address is required for login, enrollment, certification and digital badge purposes upon successful completion of the micro credential, i.e., you cannot provide a generic (the same) service/organisation email address for for multiple members of your organisation or service when purchasing a micro credential.  

Are you planning to purchase the refresher course for multiple members of your service or organisation? 

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