“I have great news regarding the centre: Our service approval has officially been granted! Your advice played a key role in our success, and I would like to extend to you our sincere thanks on behalf of the Church and the childcare centre.” St Paul’s Childcare Centre (13th Feb, 2017)

Setting up and running an early childhood service is undoubtedly complex.


We’re here to help – meeting regulations, compliance and quality checks, ratings, preparing business plans, dealing with staff and committees are just some of the complex issues CELA can help you with.


Our expertise, knowledge and wide network of resources enables us to provide personalised and customised solutions to suit your specific needs.

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We can help with:

  • Review of plans for new build or renovation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Council requirements – Support with paperwork, DA process, service registration with ACECQA and DEC
  • Business planning – budgets, cash-flow projections, staffing
  • Contacts with service providers e.g., landscapers, furniture & equipment
  • Compliance checks
  • Policies
  • Event planning and management
  • Recruitment and Job Descriptions
  • Research and advice, both in person, or over the phone

We offer consulting to support you throughout the lifecycle of your service.


Starting out
  • Advice on best practice & the difference between compliance and quality
  • National Quality Framework – the Law, the Regulations, the Standards, the Regulators
  • General questions on service
Going ahead
  • We can produce reports on potential locations & feasibility of your model
  • Support through Council requirements & the DA process
  • Site suitability inspections
  • Review of plans, whether building or renovating
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Budgets & cash flow projections
  • Timelines
Getting down to business
  • Pre-operational support with planning, employment awards, quality environments, applications, and statutory requirements
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Policy development & review
  • Site inspections to ensure your service will comply with National Regulations prior to a Service Approval visit
  • We offer training programs and accredited courses for your staff
  • We can help you through quality assurance, service self-assessment, and the first Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
  • General questions on service
Engaging with the sector
  • Information about sector wide conferences
  • Professional development events
  • Tours of education and care facilities



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