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The early education and care sector is a complex yet fulfilling space, especially with the myriad of regulations designed to safeguard and support the children in your care. Navigating these rules and understanding best practices can be daunting. That's where CELA comes in. We help you to navigate every step with confidence. 

When early education and care organisations need to take a leap forward, many turn to us due to our reputation as sector experts.

Michele Carnegie, CELA CEO


Extensive experience and expertise

Benefit from over 46 years of unparalleled expertise in the early education sector, ensuring your service is guided by seasoned professionals.

Customised solutions

Receive personalised consulting solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements, supporting operational success and quality service delivery.

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St Paul's Childcare Centre

Expert guidance at every stage of your journey

Becoming a service operator

We can advise on:

  • New provider consultancy

  • Provider approval support

  • CCS application support

  • Understanding your governance requirements  

Establishing your service

We can help you with:

  • Review of current plans 

  • Site suitability report 

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Service approval consultancy 

  • Demographic report 

  • Policy and form development 

  • Area profiling 

  • Compliance checks 

Operating your service

We can provide:

  • NQF compliance and quality support  

  • CCS approval support for services and providers 

  • Governance support  

  • Policy review and development  

  • Service analysis and strategic planning  

  • Mentoring 

  • Review of quality improvement planning and self-assessment goal development 

CELA’s expert consultancy and support exceeded our expectations and was invaluable throughout the process of creating a new early childhood education and care service at Nepean Hospital. Over 10 months, CELA’s team were alongside every step of the way, assisting us to navigate complex situations and providing guidance and recommendations from planning and construction, to operational commissioning, to development of the full suite of policies, procedures and other essential documentation required to successfully complete service approval requirements.

Somerset Cottage at Nepean Hospital

What's different about CELA? 

The diversity of skills and experience within our team allow us to apply the highest levels of expertise to the specific needs of each client. We can guide you through many of the vital aspects of the set up and implementation of a successful service.

Our highly experienced consultants have helped hundreds of providers to set up and run quality early education and care services across Australia. 

Requests for consultancy are incredibly broad and at all times our focus is on helping clients to achieve quality early education with operational success. We are particularly excited about our Strategic Planning service, which has already enabled a number of services to transform the way they operate and flourish. ​

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To speak to one of our expert sector consultants please contact us on 1800 157 818 or info@cela.org.au

Recognised as sector experts

We are recognised as sector experts across multiple areas including leadership, assessment & rating, quality ratings and risk management. This has led to us partnering with the NSW Government Department of Early Education Directorate to run a number of training programs over recent years.

Early Education Leaders Peer Network

Over 600 early education leaders joined our networking and knowledge sharing portal, where they connected via a forum, regular events and a book club. 

Assessment & Rating training

Nearly 1,300 people boosted their knowledge of the assessment and rating process through our training.

Communicating Quality Ratings

Over 300 early educators attended workshops on communicating the value of quality ratings to families.

Risk Management in Children's Services

Over 1,200 sector professionals attended training addressing risk management in children’s services.

Become a CELA member: Save 10% on consulting

When you’re a CELA member, your whole team is supported.

Join over 27,000 early education professionals and committee members, who through their service's membership, receive discounts, expert advice, resources and training to improve practice and service delivery.

Access the sector's leading 1800 support line for expert assistance with any areas relating to the operation of your service, from compliance to policy, from practice to funding and more. We give you and your committee access to the information you need, when you need it, in a user-friendly format.

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