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Fair Work agrees to pay rises for ECTs

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The Fair Work Commission has agreed that minimum pay rates for Early Childhood Teachers who are employed under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award should be adjusted.

The decision is the result of an eight-year long action by the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch, which represents 32,000 teachers and support staff.

The union anticipates approximately 12,000 teachers in about 8,000 long day centres will benefit if the pay rises are made.

“This is a significant win,” IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Mark Northam said. “The Commission has recognised the increasing value and importance of the work of all teachers, but particularly early childhood teachers, and this decision reflects that.”

The Commission has proposed a new pay structure that will deliver pay rises of about 5% to 10% in addition to current pay rates, depending on the current pay step of the teacher. Some teachers will be eligible for even higher increases if they have more responsibility as the Educational Leader.

“The Commission has requested that state and federal governments consider funding early childhood sector pay. The union calls on governments to recognise the key role teachers play in early childhood education and support their work,” Northam said.

The Commission considers a new classification structure should be implemented which reflects achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, with an allowance to be paid on top for the position of Educational Leader.
Prior to finalising a new pay structure, The Commission is seeking evidence and submissions including about a date and phasing in of new arrangements, and the capacity of governments to assist funding wage increases.

Further detail about the decision can be found in the Fair Work Commission’s summary document.

CELA will keep you informed as this matter progresses.


One thought on “Fair Work agrees to pay rises for ECTs

  1. Hmmm, the ECT’s are paid a reasonable amount already, with QLD being paid extra with kindergarten funding. What about all the other staff who do the same work with a huge difference in pay. The other staff have to re-train ECT’s who take 2-3 years to become able to undertake the role in a Long Day Care setting. Not happy with this decision. Some teachers are being paid more than directors…. doesn’t seem fair to me at all. Also who is funding this, if it is families this will further increase fees and making childcare less affordable again. The industry will be in crisis and the economy will further suffer. The system is completely broken and working for no one.

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