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CELA does not take responsibility for the opinions or facts presented by our guest writers.


We welcome guest writers on any topic you believe to be of value to the early and middle childhood education and care sector in Australia.

Articles may of any length up to 2500 words. Lengthy articles may also be considered for serialised posts by breaking them into parts.

Generally speaking, articles of 500-1000 words accompanied by an engaging graphic or photograph are most likely to be published. However, we aim to represent a wide range of styles and content including photo essays, video or audio interviews, narrated powerpoint presentations or detailed infographics.

You are welcome to send us expressions of interest or completed contributions. Once accepted, your work may be edited to suit our style and for length. If any substantial changes are required for the content of the article we will consult you on the alterations.

You are responsible for checking any facts presented in your contribution and ensuring any hyperlinks are to valid, unrestricted websites.

If you have an image to accompany your article you must be able to show that it is clear of copyright restrictions. Please resize any large images to less than 2MB in size. If you do not have an image to accompany your written article we may be able to provide one.

You will also be asked provide a short biography about yourself (100-200 words) and a recent photograph. If you do not have a professional profile picture any clear head and shoulders image will be accepted, including those taken by modern phone cameras.


At all times you must be respectful of other commenters and contributors on this blog. Alternative opinions are welcomed but people using offensive language or any form of abuse towards our writers or commenters will be banned from the site. Comments should be constructive and not a vehicle to advertise your own products or services. We will delete comments we consider to be marketing, such as links to websites selling products which are unrelated to the topic of the story.

Sometimes post comments will be moderated. If this is in place you may need to wait a short while before your comment is approved to appear.

More information: traceylong@cela.org.au

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