Community Early Learning Australia is coming up to our 40th year of achieving big wins for the early and middle childhood education and care sector. We’ve stood up for for better funding, working conditions, and quality measures, and we’ll continue to do so. If you’re interested in being a part of our campaigns, we’d love to talk to you about becoming a Children’s Champion. Please email¬ for more information.


One of the issues we’re speaking out about is the oversupply of early learning services in certain regions. Have a look at how we’ve been standing up for quality early childhood education and care.


  • Here’s an article in our blog, Amplify!, about warnings of oversupply
  • And here’s an Amplify! article about our national occupancy survey, Counting Places
  • ‘Have we learned our ABCs? The rise and fall of big business in early learning services’, an¬ Amplify! article on oversupply.¬†People often tell you to avoid reading the comments online, but not in this case –¬†have a read of the thought provocative debates underneath the article.
  • Here’s Community Child Care NSW’s (now CELA’s) response to the Draft¬†NSW State Environmental Planning Policy for Education and¬†Child Care
  • And finally, here’s a¬ Broadside¬†article on ‘Big business taking over childcare’ that highlights how quality goes missing in larger providers


Don’t Mess With The NQF

In this campaign, we worked to ensure that the National Quality Framework remained untouched by threats to water down quality assurance measures.

We fought to ensure the NQF could deliver real quality improvements for children in early childhood education and care through requiring better staff child ratios and more qualified educators.

Protecting quality measures is a part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring all children receive quality early education and care.




Community Early Learning Australia makes submissions advocating for the sector on behalf of our members to inquiries and reviews. To read our past submissions, please click on the links below.

  • Regional and Remote Early Childhood Education Strategy: Consultation Paper (joint NCOSS submission) Download PDF
  • Simple? Fair? Affordable?¬†Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill 2015 Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Standing Committee | Download PDF
  • Keeping the NQF Strong: In response to the Regulatory Impact Statement for proposed options for changes to the NQF | Download PDF
  • Response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning | Download PDF
  • Submission to the Review of the National¬†Quality Framework | Download PDF
  • Submission to the¬†Productivity Commission¬†Inquiry into¬†Childcare and Early¬†Childhood Learning | Download PDF
  • Response to the NSW Proposed Funding model | Download PDF
  • Joint Sector Response to the NSW Proposed Funding Model | Download PDF
  • Response to the Review of Children‚Äôs Services Training Packages | Download PDF
  • Submission on the proposed Child Protection Regulation 2012 | Download PDF
  • Submission on ‚ÄėGreat Teaching, Inspired Learning‚Äô Download PDF
  • Submission to the Review of Budget Based Funding Download PDF
  • Submission to ACECQA on the draft criteria for excellence | Download PDF
  • Submission to the Review of NSW Government Funding | Download PDF
  • Submission to the Productivity Commission on ECD Workforce | Download PDF
  • Submission to DEEWR about the draft National Regulations | Download PDF
  • Submission to NSW Liberal and National parties | Download PDF
  • Submission to National Quality Framework inquiry | Download PDF
  • Submission to Review of the Report on Government Services | Download PDF
  • Submission to Productivity Commission | Download PDF
  • Submission to Senate Inquiry | Download PDF
  • Submission to Regulation Review | Download PDF
  • Submission to DEEWR Starting Point Analysis | Download PDF
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