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By CELA 14 Dec, 2021

The impact of Mandatory Vaccination on our workforce — what you told us and what needs to be implemented to support our sector

Shortly after November 8, CELA ran a survey to gain insight into the impact of the mandatory vaccination Public Health Order on the ECEC workforce and service provision. The survey was circulated amongst our members and on social media, and provided some valuable insights which have helped our advocacy around building and sustaining a high-quality workforce. 

In this article we share key findings from the survey, how the results compare with other available data, and what needs to be done to support the workforce moving forward. 

By Stephanie Seidler 3 Dec, 2021

From bubbles to bears and cats to coffee — the endless value of emergent curriculum

Stephanie Seidler is an experienced early educator and published author who is passionate about promoting meaningful educational experiences for children. Based in New York, she is an advocate of using emergent curriculum as part of a responsive intentional teaching process, and loves to share tools, tips and ideas on her Facebook page. 

Stephanie recently published a book called Bubble Babies, celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and connection building for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Bubbles have been a favourite interest for so many of the children she’s educated over the years. 

In this article she shares the benefits of emergent curriculum, tips on planning and scaffolding ideas using bubbles as the example, and how a very ‘NYC’ interest in coffee amongst children who’d never tasted it led to an investigation that went on for half a year!

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