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By CELA 30 Jan, 2019

Five ways to better conversations with children

Great conversations make us feel good about ourselves and our place in the world, no matter how old we are.  Orders, directions, and demands for information, on the other hand, make us feel at best dutiful and at worst, resentful and annoyed.  Often we fall into a pattern of verbally directing and demanding without intending it because our time is short and stress is high. It’s all too easy for it to happen in our interactions with young children, too.

By CELA 21 Jan, 2019

Following James the Adventurer

Read Su’s story now to find out how technology, science, education, and a couple of adventurers brought the birds of the Simpson Desert to urban children and made the experience meaningful for all.

By CELA 7 Jan, 2019

Get real about physical activity in early learning

Happy new year! We’re resuming publication with a story that is probably close to your heart right now: what makes an exercise or physical activity program really ‘stick’ so it goes beyond a new year’s resolution and becomes a daily part of your life. In this case, we’re talking about children’s programs and Amplify editor Bec Lloyd interviewed research leader Dr Jill Hnatiuk about some very practical findings out of an academic review.

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