Rattler - Issue 139 - July 2022

This issue of Rattler begins with a spotlight on CELA member Murray-Toola Damana, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander preschool in Sydney's Mt Druitt. Director Fran McCarthy and co-founder Karen Isaacs share how they are creating a model of education where "each child can fulfill their dreaming and become the person they were meant to be".

This issue also provides helpful insights into the art of setting professional boundaries and takes a deep dive into the role of play schemas in child development. CELA presenter and child/adult relationship expert Michelle Cuthbertson provides suggestions on how to have supportive conversations with families about children's behaviour, while award-winning teacher Renee Irving Lee provides a framework for transforming challenging behaviours into positive outcomes. 

With professional burnout and workforce issues high on the agenda, we share why quality trumps quantity when it comes to making observations, and invite you to join our supportive Early Education Leaders Peer Network program. Room Leader Erin Pascall shares a reflection on avoiding professional burnout and why leaders need to prioritise mental health too.

We finish issue 139 with some interesting summaries of early education research from Australia and around the world, written by Policy and Research Advisor Megan O'Connell, and a recommendation around how to embrace rainy day outdoor play, including a beautiful reflection by Outdoor Educator Jackie Illiff.

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