Rattler - Issue 145 - April 2024

Rattler issue 145 is here!

Inside you'll find insightful articles covering a wide range of topics to spark reflection and discussion in your service. 

Uncover key insights from an Icelandic study tour and explore the complexities of nutrition, particularly its relationship to diversity in childhood eating habits. Explore how to optimise job interviews to find the best candidates, and learn about the crucial role of mentors in bridging critical gaps and combating isolation for new early childhood teachers. 

Read about the journey of CELA member Fututo Early Learning in their first year of operations, and discover how Wyong Community Preschool, another CELA member, is nurturing a new generation of eco-conscious warriors. 

Gain expertise in the essential skill of giving feedback, catch up on the latest research in early education and care from Australia and globally, and understand why adopting an intercultural approach to foster multiculturalism is vital in early years settings.

There's so much to read, discuss and share in this edition. 

In this edition

Nine great insights from this edition 2
Meet the Member - Wyong Community Preschool - Building a new generation of sustainable warriors  4
Optimising job interviews to find the best candidates for your service 10
Revelations from an Icelandic study tour  14
Early education research from Australia and around the world 20
Navigating nutrition - Embracing diversity in early childhood eating habits  24
Futuro Early Learning - Reflecting on our first year of operations 28
Mastering the art of feedback 34
Mentors bridge vital gaps and isolation - Support for new early childhood teachers 38
Why fostering multiculturalism through an intercultural approach is important in early years settings 41

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