Wellbeing Toolkit (PDF)

This wellbeing toolkit offers Directors an introduction to the growing scientific base on psychological wellbeing, namely Positive Psychology. This includes evidence-based strategies on how to best support your wellbeing and that of your staff, as a way to ensure your communities flourish.

Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) is committed to informing, influencing and inspiring its members as high quality service providers of early education and care. The wellbeing of the community in which early education occurs is central to building and maintaining best practices within the sector.

The toolkit provides an introduction to the current science of psychological wellbeing i.e. Positive Psychology, including:

  • an overview of what psychological wellbeing is currently understood to be i.e. its key components
  • a rationale as to why taking a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing is important (i.e. to prevent mental illness and create flourishing lives)
  • scientifically supported strategies to build wellbeing for you as Director/Leader and your staff


**Please note this toolkit is a PDF**






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