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With reduced participation across all service types, it is likely that many educators may not be required to work at the service or may do so on a rotational basis. A number of educators may have health matters that prevent them from attending work. In the event of a prolonged forced closure, whole teams may be working from home.

How can early educators remain productive while working from home during a paid closure?

Working from home can be incredibly productive when it’s approached intentionally – goals should be set, tasks allocated and timelines put in place to ensure that all team members know that their input is still required and valued.

CELA is here to support you throughout this challenging period, including providing resources and training to ensure that your team remains engaged when working from home and that your service is in the best position to provide quality education and care when it reopens.

Work towards your service goals

What are your goals for the next 6 months and 1 year? “If only I had the time” has arrived!

  • Do your policies need an overhaul?
  • Would you like to refine your self-assessment practices
  • Do your young educators need help with programming, documenting and understanding the principles of the EYLF?
  • Would you like to hone your leadership skills?

There are so many areas where services can focus their attention and make this time a time of growth amidst so much uncertainty.

Write down each goal and the tasks that need to be done to achieve the goal.

Ensure that each goal is SMART:

  • Specific – what do you want to accomplish, how will you do it, who will do it, why is it important?
  • Measurable – What metrics are you going to use to determine if you meet the goal? If it’s something that will take a few months to complete, set some milestones by noting down specific tasks.
  • Achievable – How will you and your team make the goal happen? Do you need extra tools or resources?
  • Realistic – Are they reasonably achievable, relevant and within reach?
  • Timely – If your goal lacks realistic timing, chances are you’re not going to succeed.

If you need help with goal setting, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 157 818. Our team of experts can coach you through the process.

You can download a free SMART goals planning template from the Smartsheet website

Maintain strong connections

We can help you to connect your team while they work remotely so that you can keep goals on track and foster optimism throughout the period.

Our experts can walk you through how to set up and communicate remotely within Microsoft Teams, which is now being offered free for non-profits (apply for a free license here).

Trello is also a fantastic and free project management resource that allows you to allocate projects and tasks in a simple, visual way. You can sign up for a free Trello account here.

Example of a Trello project board

Build Teacher Accreditation hours

Grow your team’s Teacher Accreditation hours via webinar or video conference training with our sector specialists.

We offer a range of topics that will improve service delivery and boost confidence.

Choose from the following sessions:

  • Under the Volcano – working with Children’s Behaviour
  • Do You See What They See?
  • Child Protection CHCPRT001
  • Neuroscience and Behaviour
  • Responsibilities of the Nominated Supervisor
  • Introduction to Play Theory
  • Programming for New Educators

CELA can also customise any online session to suit the needs of your team.

Read more about our new webinar sessions here.

Connect with children remotely

Children may be saddened and fearful at this time – they will be missing their regular routines, educational activities and catch-ups with friends.

Why not build on existing relationships with regular online check-ins with the children you teach?

Develop a home learning package where parents can support their child’s’ early education while they can’t attend your service.

It could be as simple as a short FaceTime each week to say hello or read a book. Alternatively, you could supply something a bit more formal in the way of a virtual learning session via a platform like Zoom.


It’s Wednesday and we have now successfully zoomed with all our 3s, 4s, and 5s this week. A bit of a learning curve (read- need to manage the MUTE button) but I think it was comforting to everyone to see and hear each other during this unsettling time. Hats off to our teachers who are going out of their job description and comfort zone experimenting with different technology platforms while experiencing their own personal challenges! At one point I think I heard a student telling the teacher which button to push 🀣. More to come. Stay positive and healthy everyone πŸ‘ πŸ‘. . . . #TTstrong #virtualpreschool #toddlertime #toddlertimens #toddlertimenewcanaan #newcanaan #newcanaanct #newcanaanpreschool #newcanaanearlyeducation #newcanaanmom #ncmoms #newcanaanmoms #preschool #locallyowned #learnthroughplay #loveourtown #poundridgemoms #darienmoms #stamfordmoms #wiltonmoms #vistamoms #movingtonewcanaan #movingtoCT #movingfrommanhattan #nyckids #fairfieldcounty #nycmoms #06840

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Boost your team’s wellbeing practices – new online learning sessions from Sarah Moore

Leadership in Rapid Times Of Change
90-minute webinar |Thursday 2nd April, 10.30am – 12pm

We understand that in the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory. As an Early Childhood Leader, you are being called to navigate a high level of rapid change and uncertainty.

In this webinar, Early Education Leadership, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and training facilitator Sarah Moore will share how we respond to uncertainty and some practical tips to use to navigate these uncertain times, while also maintaining our sense of wellbeing.

Find out more >

Uncertainty and Wellbeing: How Are You Coping?
90-minute webinar |Monday 6 April, 10.30am-12pm

Early childhood professionals are being called to respond to a high level of rapid change both personally and professionally. They are dealing with information for decision making, as well as shifting routines and workload priorities.

In this webinar, Early Education Leadership founder, Leadership Coach, and training facilitator Sarah Moore will share some impactful, evidence-based, and most importantly, easy-to-use approaches to empower early childhood professionals and their services with confidence to support their wellbeing and cope with the inevitable demands of uncertainty.

Find out more >

Tips to share with your team for productive work from home practices:

  • Keep regular hours
    While working from home allows for more flexibility, it’s a good idea to create a schedule and stick to it. Once you’ve worked your designated hours, you can switch off properly and give your brain a much-needed rest.
  • Make a morning routine
    Having a routine can help us to prepare for the day ahead, and provide spacing between personal time and work time. Whether it’s doing a short yoga routine, going for a walk or having hot water with lemon, keeping a routine can really help to start the day in the best possible way.
  • Give yourself a break (or three)
    Just like any working environment, taking a break is incredibly important to give your brain and body the chance to relax and revive. Studies have shown that breaks can improve productivity levels and increase focus. Try to take a 15-minute break mid-morning and afternoon – stretch, take a short walk, have a snack or do some breathing exercises and make sure you take a decent amount of time off for a nourishing lunch.
  • Stay connected with colleagues
    Loneliness, disconnection and isolation can take their toll when working remotely. Set up a WhatsApp, closed Facebook or Microsoft Teams group to connect with colleagues on a daily basis. Share progress updates and talk about how you are feeling.

Useful links to help and inspire you transition to remote teams:

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