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Glitter alternatives, a CELA Simple Guide

Simple guide to glitter alternatives
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Alternatives to glitter

The Great Glitter Debate (or GlitterGate as we like to call it at CELA) has been around for years – so why bring it up again each time there’s a story about banning the tiny plastic sparkles in the media?

For one thing, the discussion is worth having simply because of the turnover among staff in OSHC and early learning.  Every year there are more new educators who may not have considered the issue before.

It’s also true that research has revealed more about the invasiveness of tiny plastics like microbeads and glitter – it’s currently estimated at least one third of the fish in our oceans have some kind of plastic in their stomachs.

And finally, educators are a clever and creative bunch and we all learn from each other: this year there were many great suggestions from services who had kicked their glitter habit or switched to biodegradable eco-glitters.  So let’s keep sharing!

Here’s our latest CELA Simple Guide to understand the educational and environmental advantages of ditching the plastic sparkles in favour of alternatives in your OSHC or early years learning service.

Click here or on the image below to view the guide full screen or export it as a PDF to print or share.



Note from the editor: next year we will be covering more of the issues raised during the recent GlitterGate.  We are especially interested in talking to services that have ditched disposables and use only washable nappies.  Get in touch via


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