By Meg Anastasi 2 May, 2022

Simple strategies for promoting trust with families

The pandemic has brought up many challenges for building relationships with families, but also new opportunities. Educator Meg Anastasi shares simple strategies for promoting trust when interacting with families in our current environment. 

By Deborah Hoger 2 May, 2022

Championing reconciliation through art

Have you been looking for ways to champion reconciliation?  

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art murals and incursions are wonderful ways to visibly celebrate culture in your service. They can also facilitate the establishment of connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, families, and the broader community.

Deborah Hoger explores how education services can champion reconciliation through murals and incursions.  

By CELA 22 Apr, 2022

Why aren't they listening?

When we think of listening, we may envisage someone sitting quietly, paying attention to us and responding appropriately. However, what we experience with young children is often very different and may include wriggling, laughing, facing away from us, or ignoring us totally. It can feel frustrating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We speak to Narelle Myers, Director of Bermagui Preschool and CELA Regional Early Education Specialist, to find out what is going on developmentally and how we can best respond.

By CELA 8 Apr, 2022

Pre-Election Forum - find out what was discussed

On Tuesday 5 April, Community Early Learning Australia (CELA), Community Child Care Association (CCC) and Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA) came together to host an Education and Care Pre-Election Forum where we shared our 6 Point Plan for the future of the education and care sector.
The forum was an opportunity for our members to have their voices heard by politicians, and to unpack what each political party envisions for our sector in the lead up to the federal election.

Find out what the politicians had to say, what our members want to see implemented, and how you can help to amplify our advocacy in the lead up to the election. Watch the full event via a recording. 

By CELA 7 Apr, 2022

New AEDC report highlights pandemic's impact on children's development

Last week the much anticipated Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) 2021 National Results were released. They showed that while COVID-19 and lockdowns have impacted on children’s development, particularly in relation to the language and cognitive skills domain, the overall impact may not be as significant as we may have expected. Of concern is that the report identifies larger increases in developmental vulnerability for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children living in the most disadvantaged areas of Australia. 

Read our summary, what it means for ECEC, and how you can use the results when planning for the needs of children in your local area.

By CELA 1 Apr, 2022

2022 Federal Budget – a missed opportunity for education and care

The Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, handed down the Government’s Federal budget last Tuesday. Sadly, The Budget provided little new support to the education and care sector.    

CELA, together with the other education and care peak bodies Community Child Care Association (CCC) and Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA), expressed their disappointment that there were limited new measures, and that education and care was not recognised as a key cost of living driver. 

In this week’s Amplify we analyse what it means for children, families and the education and care sector, and how it aligns with our 6 Point Plan for Education and Care.   

By CELA 27 Mar, 2022

Our 6 point plan for education and care, and how to have your say

Last week, peak bodies CELA, ELAA and CCC launched an ambitious 6 point plan designed to inform Government around how our sector can be reformed. The plan calls for better wages and conditions for our workforce, access to quality, inclusive care for all children, and a national workforce strategy. 

“Our 6 point plan supports children, families and early educators.” says Michele Carnegie, CELA CEO. “The cornerstones of our plan are two fully-funded days of early education and care each week, an investment in quality and higher pay for the education and care workforce. Our plan is a blueprint for the government to ensure every child gets the best possible start in life. It means every child has the same opportunities, regardless of what their family earns or where they live."

Find out what our plan entails, and how you can get involved via our upcoming forum to help amplify the solutions we’ve put forward. 

By CELA 14 Mar, 2022

Understanding and responding to trauma following a natural disaster

So many of our members are dealing with devastating floods across communities. Members have shared harrowing stories of personal and material loss, fear and trauma. And we know many are now beginning to clean up and re-open.

CELA knows the important role your service will play in community recovery. We are here to support you through advocacy, by linking you with support services and resources, and by being an understanding voice on the end of the phone. This week we share insights from counsellor Jan Ryan on how to understand and respond to trauma following a natural disaster. We hope that this may be of use to you when you are ready. 

By CELA 8 Mar, 2022

Enough is enough - on IWD we call for urgent change in our sector

On International Women's Day we call for free access to early childhood education and care for families when they need it, in addition to improved pay and conditions for our sector. Find out how this can be actioned, and sign our petition to help bring about long overdue changes that will benefit all Australian women into the future. 

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