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Aussie educators lifting spirits

“I believe that this is a time of significance for our sector, and for families attending early childhood services. We have the opportunity to influence, impact and encourage our families in a way that has never been done before.” Blake Stewart, Director of St Luke’s Preschool, in Dapto, NSW   While the world faces a […]

‘A significant time for our sector’- COVID-19 crisis boosts innovation, compassion and a sense of community at two NSW preschools

While many services have spent the weekend working through the government’s new childcare relief subsidy, another week of teaching within a constantly shifting environment rolls around again. Across Australia, educators continue to innovate and reimagine the way they connect with children and the community, bringing a sense of normalcy and comfort to many in this […]

ECEC Funding and CELA Advocacy Update

A Message from CELA’s CEO During this challenging and uncertain time, we are advocating for our members around a wide variety of funding and viability measures. We are in regular contact with commonwealth and state ministers and government agencies, sharing your stories and advocating for your viability. Supporting our community and small providers We have […]

Maintaining a productive team when working remotely

With reduced participation across all service types, it is likely that many educators may not be required to work at the service or may do so on a rotational basis. A number of educators may have health matters that prevent them from attending work. In the event of a prolonged forced closure, whole teams may […]

Remote teaching – how early educators in China and Italy are engaging with families

In some countries, early childhood education and care services have been closed for months. Many educators are running amazing remote learning sessions that are keeping children connected and giving isolated families hope, inspiration and a purpose to their day. In this week’s Amplify! We find out what it’s like teaching remotely in China and Italy, […]

ECEC approaches to social distancing

Social distancing is one of the key measures currently being utilised to contribute to Australia’s ability to severely limit transmission of COVID-19. The topic of social distancing in an early education setting has led to heated discussion and incredulity, as educators question how it can be possible to enforce such measures in their centres. There […]

COVID-19 key ECEC information

It is important that all services are aware of current advice and updates regarding the COVID-19 virus. The amount of information and misinformation circulating can be incredibly overwhelming. Information is changing rapidly and the best way to stay up to date is to refer to reliable websites as a source of truth. CELA is committed […]

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