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Prospect’s intergenerational learning: Ranjana Pershad

‘Only three of the children here have grandparents in Australia.’ ‘I drive past that aged care home every day – I’d love to arrange a visit with my room.’ ‘I think our kids would be way too noisy for the older people!’ After reading the story Prospect Community Early Education and Care submitted about their intergenerational learning […]

Preschooler with scissors

QKFS in the spotlight

In 2010, the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) was introduced. The aim was to ensure the cost of kindergarten is not a barrier to access for families. Other subsidy or base funding schemes exist in other Australian jurisdictions, either in direct response to the Universal Access national partnership agreement or a preceding policy. The QKFS subsidy has […]


Zucchini that grows itself, and more to come from Lukas Ritson

Spring is springing all over Australia and a goodly number of educators, directors and parent committees are checking out the latest nursery catalogues and thinking of punnets, seed packets and wondering which purchases will make it onto the budget this year. Enter: the zucchini that grows itself. Start with one zucchini, then follow the life […]

NSW abolishes conscientious beliefs as vaccination exemption

NSW abolishes conscientious belief as a vaccination exemption: Shortside update

NSW Parliament today (14 September 2017) passed legislation amending the Public Health Act to remove parents’ conscientious beliefs as grounds for exempting children from mandatory vaccination requirements when enrolling in early learning services, including preschools. We have received the below advice from NSW Health. Please check their website for the additional information they refer to […]

Ngroo Education walking together with CELA at Ignite

Ngroo Education is a major facilitator of the CELA national outdoor learning conference on 13-15 October, Ignite.  This is the third annual Ignite conference and promises to be the most amazing yet, not least because Ngroo is playing a major part in facilitating the whole weekend. Even if you’re not familiar with Ngroo, you may […]

Leadership commitment to each other

Leadership: our commitment to each other

Martel Menz, Vice President Early Childhood, Australian Education Union, returns as a guest writer this week with a thoughtful post on leadership.  Leading, she says, can occur at every level of an organisation, regardless of your job title.  Leadership is a commitment to each other. CELA also spoke with Stephanie Willey from Yarralea Children’s Centre, […]

parent and child Our Playtime

Our Playtime – changing families forever with a five minute video

“What would you say if just five minutes of your time each day could strengthen your child’s resilience and self esteem for life?” It’s the opening line in a video that could change the families you work with forever. A five minute explanation, for a five minute structured playtime, for a lifetime of confidence in […]

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