By CELA 19 Aug, 2019

Safe gardens for children

There’s no doubt that many Australian services have a long tradition of gardening and natural surroundings for young children.

By CELA 12 Aug, 2019

Work-family conflict levels measured

The new Living In Australia 2019 findings are particularly valuable reading for anyone working with Australian families – including those in the early childhood education sector.

By CELA 5 Aug, 2019

Early CCS evaluation released

Recently Community Early Learning Australia enlisted your help to respond to the next stage of research in the evaluation of the Australian Government’s ‘Jobs for Families’ package, more simply described as the rollout of the Child Care Subsidy, or CCS.

By CELA 29 Jul, 2019

Collage in early childhood

As we move steadily past winter’s halfway mark, in many parts of Australia the days are not only longer but also sunnier and much more inviting for outdoor activities.

By CELA 29 Jul, 2019

Early Learning Matters Week 2019

STOP. Right now. Get ready to close your eyes and, when you do, this is what we want you to picture: I’m with the children, or just one child, and I’ve just see them make a wonderful leap in their understanding or skills.  I’m thinking: I wish everyone could share how important this moment is!

By CELA 22 Jul, 2019

Help evaluate the CCS Package

CELA is helping the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) to gather information about the impact of the Australian Government’s Child Care Package.  

By CELA 15 Jul, 2019

Art when you’re not arty

This story about how Darren Brisbane took a complete turnaround on templates for children’s art activities is another example of his candid style.

By CELA 15 Jul, 2019

The maths and science of puddles

Annie O’Sullivan returns to Amplify with a wonderful (and wonder-full) contemplation on intentional teaching, play-based learning, mathematics, sciences, and puddles.

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